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Wondering When You’ll Get Your Swag?

To view when your membership expires or to update your address click here. Login under “Member Login” by entering the LAST 5 digits of your membership number and enter the last name on your account. If your membership expires within 30 days you will see a “Update and renew my membership” button. Select this button to renew.

Note: If you have a suffix in your name (Jr., Sr., etc) you will need to enter your last name, a space, and then your suffix. (Example: John Johnson, Jr. would sign in with his last name “johnson jr” in the last name field.)

When will I get my membership kit and new card?

The first membership kits of the 2017 season will be mailed out the week of August 21, 2017. All other membership kits will be mailed out to renewing and new members around the 15th of each month (August-December), around 3-4 weeks after renewal.

Questions? Contact us at or 920-569-7247.