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Donate Memorabilia

Donating objects associated with the history of the Green Bay Packers is important to our mission. It allows the Hall of Fame Inc. to continually expand its ability to tell the story of this amazing franchise. We are interested in expanding its collection through gifts or loans of artifacts.

Members of the Hall of Fame Inc. and the Green Bay Packers organization review all artifacts submitted for acquisition. Our team, including historians and curators, is highly skilled in identifying important objects.

If you own an object that is part of Packers history and are interested in sharing it, please be sure to submit the following information:

  • A photograph of the object
  • A brief description of the piece, including dimensions
  • All available information on the age and origin of the object
  • Potential donor's name, address and phone number
  • Any other information about the history of the object

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc.
Attn: Artifacts
PO Box 28287
Green Bay, WI 54324-0287

You may also contact Katie Foust regarding donations at