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Packers Life

"Packers Life" explores the compelling lives of some of the most fascinating, genuine Green Bay Packer Loyalists along with the culture that is truly unique not just in the NFL but perhaps in all of professional sports. Join us to learn just what it means to live the "Packers Life."

Packers Life

  • Packers Life: The Commish

    (22:30) By - Posted Mar 10, 2017

    The biggest name in baseball is one of the Green Bay Packers biggest fans. "The Commish", better known as Bud Selig to the rest of us, talks Packers history, triumphs and what makes the team the Goliath that it is today.

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  • Packers Life: Return to Glory

    (22:30) By - Posted Mar 3, 2017

    When the organization was financially struggling and didn’t have any real way to turn things around on their own- Bob Harlan stepped in. Return To Glory looks at how Bob worked tirelessly, developing ideas and knocking on doors to make his and the dream of so many Packers fans a reality.

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  • Packers Life: John's confession

    (22:30) By - Posted Feb 24, 2017

    ESPN host John Anderson is a Wisconsin legend when it comes to Sports Broadcasting. He developed the passion and skill set while growing up in and around Lambeau field every Sunday, but the truth is he has a secret about his love for the Packers that he is ready to share with the world.

  • Packers Life: The Packers Standard

    (22:30) By - Posted Feb 17, 2017

    Stephen Hayes is a highly respected novelist, commentator and political expert who has no problem telling it like it is. His Packers roots and passion are one of his favorite ways to stay grounded and keep sharp.

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  • Packers Life: Pilgrimage to Packerland

    (22:30) By - Posted Feb 10, 2017

    For the first time ever a fan group of Europeans realize their life long dreams by participating in the game day experience

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  • Packers Life: Packers Everywhere

    (22:30) By - Posted Feb 3, 2017

    Packers Everywhere gives back to devoted fans across the nation by bringing the Lambeau experience to them. Fans unite and bring their love of the Packers on the road, proving no place is too far to feel the Lambeau love.

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  • Packers Life: Packers Across the Pond

    (22:30) By - Posted Jan 27, 2017

    The largest Green Bay Packers fan club outside of Wisconsin is located in Europe. Packers Life profiles the Packers Across the Pond complete with all the joys and challenges of being a Packers fan in the UK.

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  • Packers Life: Speaker of the House

    (22:30) By - Posted Jan 20, 2017

    Representative Paul Ryan, United States Speaker of the House is a as committed to making our country a better place for his children to grow up as he is to his beloved Green Bay Packers. "Speaker of the House" gives us an up close, personal profile of a public figure that is anything but private about his love for the home town team.

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  • Packers Life: Kettle of Fish

    (22:30) By - Posted Jan 13, 2017

    In the heart of New York City this bar has been called the best place to watch Green Bay Packers games outside of Lambeau Field. For Partrick Daley and the customers he serves, it truly is "Kettle of Fish."

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  • Packers Life: Underground Executive

    (22:30) By - Posted Jan 6, 2017

    Kelly Kahl, Senior Executive Vice President of CBS Primetime, hasn't allowed his title to distract him from his humble Midwest roots. This executive brought Wisconsin to him by opening a Packers bar in Hermosa Beach, CA. He may be a big name in TV, but more importantly he is an "Underground Executive."