Rock Report

  • Rock Report: Cover King

    (1:38) By - Posted Sep 20, 2017

    CB Kevin King showed he has the potential to be a starter down the road for the Packers. Analyst Larry McCarren has the game tape to prove it.

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  • Rock Report: Pick plays

    (2:42) By - Posted Sep 18, 2017

    Analyst Larry McCarren dissects the two offensive pass interference penalties called on the Packers in their loss to the Falcons.

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  • Rock Report: Martellus Bennett unplugged

    (2:17) By - Posted Sep 15, 2017

    Martellus Bennett is a self-proclaimed "hand in the dirt" tight end. He talks to Larry McCarren 1-on-1 about his stellar blocking in the Packers' Week 1 victory against the Seahawks.

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  • Rock Report: "Nitro"

    (1:48) By - Posted Sep 13, 2017

    Analyst Larry McCarren spotlights Morgan Burnett's starring role in the Packers' "Nitro" defense.

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  • Rock Report: At his best

    (1:46) By - Posted Sep 11, 2017

    Analyst Larry McCarren believes DT Mike Daniels logged his best game as a Green Bay Packer on Sunday.

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  • Rock Report: Tale of the Tape

    (1:53) By - Posted Sep 8, 2017

    The season kicks off with the Seattle Seahawks. Larry McCarren breaks down a few things to keep an eye on this Sunday.

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  • Rock Report: Quinton Dial

    (1:16) By - Posted Sep 6, 2017

    Analyst Larry McCarren highlights all of the great skills new DT Quinton Dial has to offer.

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  • Rock Report: It's a keeper!

    (2:19) By - Posted Sep 5, 2017

    Analyst Larry McCarren dives into the details of a successful keep pass the Packers ran against the Redskins this preseason.

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  • Rock Report: Ahmad Brooks

    (1:07) By - Posted Sep 3, 2017

    Analyst Larry McCarren has already gotten to work on the game film of the Packers' newest linebacker, Ahmad Brooks.

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  • Rock Report: 'The' Block

    (1:17) By - Posted Aug 30, 2017

    Analyst Larry McCarren catches up with G Jahri Evans to break down his big-time block against the Broncos.

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