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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Oct. 22

Posted Oct 22, 2010

(I just saw Ahman Green walk out of the locker room area. Is he here for any reason?)
I haven’t seen Ahman Green, so I know nothing about it. Probably stopped by to say hello. He still lives in Green Bay.

(Is Charles still away?)
Charles Woodson had a personal matter today. That’s why he missed practice yesterday and today. I fully anticipate him to play in the game.

(Was there any disappointment on your part or did you totally understand the circumstances?)
I fully understand, and Charles, if he wants to share that with you, it’s of a positive nature. I think you would understand too.

(Are you encouraged by Tauscher? You said yesterday questionable to doubtful and you went with questionable. Are you hopeful there?)
Had a positive report about Mark Tauscher this morning from the doctors. They feel he’s making progress. As far as his status for this week, we have a lot to talk about today in our game management, whether it’s Mark Tauscher and a number of players that came back. Everything walking off the field is like most weeks, everybody feels good and everything is positive, but until we have an opportunity to sit down and talk as a staff and really just see how a few of the players come in in the morning, we won’t really be able to make final decisions. Our inactives are a little more up in the air, like they have been the last three weeks.

(How do you feel about Matthews right now?)
Feel good. I thought he did more today than he did yesterday. It’s a typical Friday practice as far as the length and the number of reps. So barring any setback, I think he’ll be ready to go.

(How about Pickett?)
I really don’t have enough information on Ryan to give you a good answer, and really, until he comes in here tomorrow we probably won’t be ready to make a decision on Ryan.

(Will there be any benefit to limiting Clay’s role, like just using him in the nickel, or if he goes, would you just go with him the whole time?)
Good question. That’s really part of the communication today. We had a staff meeting this morning, and then we’ll have our game management this afternoon and we’ll talk about those things in that meeting and then we’ll go forward with it tomorrow morning with the players. But that’s definitely an option. It’s an option we were shooting for last week.

(After a couple of tough overtime losses, how has the team responded to practice this week?)
I think it’s apparent, if you have an opportunity to be around the football team, there’s a lot of energy, a lot of confidence. Everybody’s looking forward to Sunday night’s game for good reason. I’m comfortable with the week that we’ve had. We’ve had two days in shells. I always concern myself with that from a coaching standpoint, but I think that’s where we are for other reasons. But I’m pleased so far with the week’s preparation.

(Chillar sounded really encouraged. Is he more questionable because he hasn’t played in a while?)
I thought he has really put together a good week. Actually Brandon was down there after practice. That’s why I was running up here a little late. Did some padded work just to make sure he’s ready to go with his shoulder. He’s definitely, him and Ryan Pickett, I want to see how they come back in the morning.

(After seeing Al and Atari the last three days, where do you think you’re at?)
I think Al Harris and Atari, what’s nice about their week is you see them more and more comfortable as the week went on. Whether they’ll go this week or not, that’s something to be determined. But I thought they clearly were getting more comfortable as the week went on.

(How comfortable are you with Anthony Smith and what you’ve seen from him this week?)
Anthony has jumped right in. He’s really picked up where he left off. He still has excellent recall of the defense.  Special teams, him and Shawn Slocum have spent a lot of extra time together. Anthony will be part of our 45 on Sunday.

(Is he your starter there?)
He’ll be part of our 45 on Sunday.

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