Through the Lens: Weather, emotion, and almost

Posted Mar 9, 2017

Team photographer Evan Siegle shares how he captured his favorite images of the 2016 season

‘Through the Lens’ will appear once per week during the offseason. Packers team photographer Evan Siegle takes us inside his favorite shots from the 2016 season.

Let it snow

During every home game I photograph the players’ introductions from inside the tunnel, but during Week 13 I decided to change shooting positions due to the nice snowfall. I have a love/hate relationship with snow. It makes for some really cool images, but if it’s wet enough it can be a pain in the backside for my camera gear. When it does snow I look for a variety of ways to incorporate the flakes into my images, like those scenic compositions with Lambeau Field in the background, or like this shot of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix as he runs onto the field before the game against the Houston Texans. I knew that the white flakes would show up nicely against the dark tunnel. I photographed several players as they raced onto the field. This one stood out because Ha Ha pointed up to the sky, which added a nice personal touch. For this shot I used a 135mm lens (ISO 400, aperture = 2.8, shutter = 1/1600th)

Serious Mike

Mike Daniels always has his game face on, always. The guy is a beast on the field and it’s rare to catch him with a smile on his face. I found this out when I photographed Mike during a portrait shoot a few years back. During the shoot I asked him to smile in one of the photos. His lip line didn’t even flinch. I waited for a second and then realized he was all business, all the time. This past preseason I found this rare moment of Mike as he busted out a huge laugh with his teammates on the sideline. My job is to capture the different emotions of the game, so it was nice to see his smile, but I think we can all agree that we like serious Mike when he’s in the game.

I call this an “almost” photo

Every time I capture a diving catch or big-time play. I cross my fingers in hopes that it stands. I also look for those darn yellow flags, too. It stinks when you make a nice frame and it doesn’t count. On this play Jordy Nelson tried to pull in a tough one-handed catch past a Detroit Lions defender, but unfortunately he didn’t come up with it. The photo would’ve had meaning, too, because it was in the end zone. I do like his body language and how the ball is in Jordy’s hands, but in the end I call this an “almost” photo. For this image I used a 400mm lens (ISO 200, aperture = 2.8, shutter = 1/4000th)

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