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A quick look at the Atlanta Falcons

You are what you are now


Kenneth from Blue Mounds, WI

I've been pleased to see how Richard Rodgers has developed as a tight end in the Packers' system. I think he may give us welcome improvement at tight end, a big, tough guy who can block and catch the ball. His upswing this year has been fun to watch. I'm wondering how much upside you think he might still have left to go?

I think he has the potential to be an elite tight end, especially when you consider that he plays in a tight end-friendly offense, and his quarterback is the best in the game.

Dustin from Indianapolis, IN

Vic, I just re-watched your interview with Jon Gruden. Any chance you will be bringing us another one of those this year?

We're trying to make it happen.

Guy from Stevens Point, WI

The Packers look great now, but they did not look great early in the season against the Seahawks, Lions and Jets. It seemed all three teams were more ready to play than the Packers were. Fortunately, the Jets are so bad we were able to come back on them. What can the Packers do to make them more ready for early-season games?

I guess they could spend less time on player evaluation and development, and more time on early-season-schedule preparedness, but what would the long-term fallout of that be? Do you see any undefeated teams out there?

James from Seymour, WI

I don't know much about the Falcons. What areas/players are their strengths?

They have an accomplished, veteran quarterback who's on his game right now. He has two big-play receivers that have the Falcons' pass game at No. 6 in the league. The Falcons' Achilles heel is its No. 32 pass defense, which wouldn't seem to favor a matchup with Aaron Rodgers.

Eric from Rockford, IL

I feel a team that needs to win out has a better chance of making it deep in the playoffs. It forces them to play their best game and grow. If you are so far ahead that winning doesn't matter as much, you might get a little too complacent and lose your spark, like the 2011 Packers did. I like where the Packers are. Do you agree?

If you keep the pedal to the floor, the engine will blow up. If you take your foot off the gas, the car will slow down. You're looking for a gradual and consistent increase in speed. Good coaches know how to achieve that. Yes, I like where the Packers are right now.

Chris from Rochester, NY

I really enjoy reading your columns each week. I found this postgame quote by Brady to be interesting: "I'd say, too, there's a misconception that there is this 30th-ranked rush defense that they have. Yeah, that's where their ranking was, but they were up 50 points at home against Carolina, against Chicago, and those teams were running it in the third quarter and fourth quarter, and gaining like 12 or 15 yards a carry when the game didn't matter. I don't know; stats sometimes can be deceiving." Vic, do you ever find yourself telling people stats are sometimes deceiving?

The Giants had the No. 32 rush offense in 2011, but they didn't run the ball like a No. 32 rush offense in the postseason. You are what you are in the present, not the past. That's what you were.

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