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Aaron Rodgers still No. 1 on the Vic Network

What gives you goosebumps?


Jake from Appleton, WI

Vic, if a player goes undrafted in the supplemental draft, do the same rules apply for him becoming an unrestricted free agent able to join any team of his choice?


Leo from Modesto, CA

Personally, I got goosebumps coming to Lambeau as well, back in the 2013 season. Have you ever felt like that entering another sports venue or any building for that matter?


Ryan from Wheeling, IL

Do you think Aaron got snubbed for the No. 1 spot on the NFL Network's Top 100?

In our production meeting on Tuesday, as we were discussing our plans for covering Wednesday's announcement, I said I expected J.J. Watt to be named No. 1. Why? Because if there was ever a year a quarterback wouldn't win the award, this was it. Watt had a season for the ages. He deserves the distinction. Now ask yourself would you trade Aaron Rodgers for Watt? That's the question you ask when deciding true value. Rodgers is still No. 1 on the Vic Network.

Jack from Madison, WI

You said Alabama cranks out the best NFL talent. The top five Wisconsin players playing currently are Frederick, Levy, Thomas, Wilson and Watt, while Alabama's best are Upshaw, Mosley, Lacy, Jones and Dareus. I'm biased, but just saying.

Right now, there are 47 Alabama players in the NFL. I'm not biased, but just saying.

Kevin from Saint Michael, MN

I agree with your emphasis on players, not plays. How does coaching fit into this? How is it a coach can get credit for turning a defense around in a year if it is all about players, not plays?

He teaches better. He organizes better. He evaluates and utilizes talent better. He motivates better. Vince Lombardi did all of those things better. Cliff Christl's piece on Pat Peppler gives us what I consider to be one of the defining works on Lombardi. First and foremost, Lombardi was about talent. All of that fire and brimstone came after talent. Lombardi knew even back then it was a young man's game, and he was vigilant about replacing older players with younger players. I love the line about if a guy's ever done it, I'll get it out of him. If you really want to know the answer to your question, and if you really want to understand why Lombardi won, read this.

Dave from Brookings, SD

You want to talk about goosebumps? When I drove over the Fox River a few weeks ago and could see Lambeau from a distance, I had (goosebumps) while I honked my car horn in salute.

I think I heard you.

Justin from Gilbert, AZ

Insert some dumb question about Vic's life and get it answered here. Who are you, Oprah? We want to read about the Packers, not your life story.

This is the way it is, and this is the way it will continue to be. You have a decision to make. I'll support whatever you decide.

Bartib from Aurora, IL

How would Vince Lombardi deal with players who get arrested for criminal behavior or who violate NFL rules concerning substance abuse?

I don't know because Lombardi coached in a very different era. Players running afoul of the law didn't create the scrutiny or outrage they do today. I covered a player who tried to shoot down a police helicopter. It was front-page headlines, but there was no great outrage. It was understood the player had a nervous breakdown. He got help and recovered to become one of the best defensive tackles I've ever covered. Paul Hornung was suspended for gambling, yet, he remained one of Lombardi's favorite players. To what degree would we vilify a player today for a gambling suspension? Lombardi wanted players of character. He also wanted tough guys. He knew where to draw the line. That's the key. In today's hypersensitive culture, that line is becoming very difficult to draw.

Brian from Fond du Lac, WI

"We have good people in the comments section. They appreciate the right of expression they have been granted and they're not going to surrender it to abuses of the language." It also implements Stalinesque censorship, which means there's no room for argument of any kind, vulgar or otherwise.

I completely disagree. Our comments section invites debate, but it must be executed with aplomb.

Gary from Topeka, KS

Vic, I have looked at other NFL teams' websites and I think the Packers' is the best. Any idea where the Packers' site ranks with other NFL teams on number of fans who read it?

Let me put it this way: The last time I looked at the numbers, I got goosebumps.

Pete from Perham, MN

Vic, books are beautiful things, but movies are also amazing, as they bring in visual stimulation. What is your favorite movie? Given your desire to write romance, I'm going to guess Casablanca.

Dr. Strangelove.

Dustin from Indianapolis, IN

Vic, what stories do you enjoy writing more, a deadline story about a game or one like this column where you have more freedom in your writing?

There's an exhilaration that goes with writing a story on deadline that can't be equaled. One of my all-time favorite deadline stories is the bulletin game story I did for the "Fail Mary" game; they kept changing the final score. Be that as it may, my mornings would be empty if I didn't have "Ask Vic" to do. I love talking to the readers of this column.

John from Alabaster, AL

You have covered a lot of football and have seen many players get hurt over the years. Who stands out in your mind as someone that could have been a Hall of Fame player if injuries wouldn't have changed his career?

Tony Boselli. He was on his way to becoming possibly the best offensive tackle in history.

Taylor from Temecula, CA

J.J. Watt is a phenomenal player, but is it weird I am offended Rodgers wasn't No. 1?

No, Packers fans are easily offended by that kind of stuff.

Max from Seattle, WA

Greetings, Mr. Ketchman. I invite you to come to Seattle. Please adorn a Packers jersey and tour the town for a day. Because of your age, you probably won't get punched in the face, but you will feel the wrath of the local fan base. Better, yet, wear it to CenturyLink Field during a Seahawks game. Have fun and good luck.

I'm so frightened. When did Seattle become such a mean place? I thought everybody was like Frasier.

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