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All of a sudden, Capers critics have gone silent

Eagles knew the Packers were going to attack


Ken from New York, NY

The person who apologized "on behalf of the fans" should understand that not all of the fans criticized Coach Capers the way he apparently did. He should speak for himself.

Whoa! My inbox is toxic after a game in which the Packers defense plays poorly, and all of the venom is aimed at Coach Capers. The person who apologized "on behalf of the fans" was apologizing for a substantial faction of fans that have suddenly become silent in their criticism and support of Coach Capers.

Brian from Mountain Home, AR

Vic, good offenses take what the defense gives them; great offenses do what they want. Is Green Bay doing what they want?

Yes, it is. It's coming out throwing. It's coming out on the attack. The Eagles knew as much, but they couldn't stop it.

Roderick from Butte, MT

The training staff has been pilloried by fans the past couple of years for the abundance of injuries the team has suffered. This year, I think they deserve big-time kudos in light of how healthy the team has remained. Health has to be a factor in how well the team has played, right?

If you're gonna rip them when it's bad, you gotta praise them when it's good. I get that, but the truth of the matter is they were just as good when it was bad as they are now when it's good. Fans just need to vent. It's what they do.

Sean from Vermontville, MI

Vic, Clay at inside linebacker worked again yesterday. My thinking is that as long as the defense keeps clicking and the offense keeps making teams play from behind, Clay at ILB is going to be successful. Look out.

What happens when the Packers play teams that don't run the ball very well? Do the Packers keep Clay Matthews at inside linebacker, or return him to the outside where he can assert himself as a pass rusher against an opponent that wants to throw the ball?

Toua from Houston, TX

The NFC South is horrible this year. The Falcons are division leader right now and are 4-6. I know a lot of people are complaining about a team making the playoffs at 6-10 or 7-9. I know winning the division is important, so I am purposing a solution. A division leader has to win at least eight games to make the playoffs. If not, then the next team with the best record gets in. Thoughts?

I don't like it. Here's a better idea: Win the game. That's what the Saints didn't do when they played at 7-9 Seattle in the 2010 playoffs. Hey, if a 7-9 team is so bad, then you should be able to beat them, right? What are you afraid of?

Harry from Rochester, NY

Are the Packers the best team in the NFC right now?

I think they are. I think a lot of people think they are, but what good is it to be the best team in the NFC right now? Will they be the best team in the NFC in January? That's what matters.

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