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Be proud of that financial statement

Vikings' new stadium will drive revenue


Steve from Hudson, WI

How hard would it be for a wide receiver to learn how to block and be played like a tight end? Are tight ends that much stronger and bigger than wide receivers?


Chris from Chicago, IL

Do all memories make us rich or just positive memories?

All memories make us rich, especially the harshest ones because defeating them are our greatest victories.

Ross from Stephenson, MI

Is there any way "Ask Vic Day" can possibly equal last year's event? Last year was utterly fantastic.

Last year's "Ask Vic Day" is the No. 3 moment in Packers history, behind the Ice Bowl and Brett Favre's induction and number retirement ceremony.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, there was a play in the closing minutes of the "Ice Bowl" when Packers guard Gale Gillingham pulled out to his right and Cowboys defensive tackle Bob Lilly, thinking the play was going to be a sweep, ran with Gillingham. The Packers' Chuck Mercein ran through the hole vacated by Lilly, taking the ball from the Cowboys' 11 yard-line to the 3-yard line. What a beautiful play it was. Would it work in today's NFL?

It's called a trap play and it's still used in today's game. Old-school defense: If nobody blocks you, take one step across the line of scrimmage and turn to the inside. Lilly gambled.

Jason from Fort Collins, CO

I noticed at the ESPY's Aaron Rodgers was going with the unshaved look. Do you think this is a prelude to his preseason funky facial hair styling? What is your favorite previous style?

I don't know.

Jake from Bergland, MI

Vic, I just saw an interview with Morgan Burnett in which he mentioned the team cannot go off last year's identity. How does a team create a new identity with so much positive from last year? Is it just fixing the small things, or a whole new attitude?

Create competition. It keeps everybody in the present.

Don from Riverton, UT

Lambeau Field has the second-largest capacity in the NFL. It amazes me a small-market team has been run so efficiently to compete on that level. What do you think is the key?

The greatest fans in the history of the world.

Tyler from Colorado Springs, CO

After moving to Colorado from Ohio this summer, I've found out the hard way altitude is very real. I have the Denver game circled on my schedule. How does a team prepare for the altitude change during the week?

By flying into Denver as late as possible the day before the game.

Chuck from Seattle, WA

Vic, I constantly preach the importance of a strong lede to my middle-schoolers. Do you have an all-time favorite sports column ledes?

"The guy was dying." It's the best lede I've ever read. Who doesn't want to read the rest of that story?

Ryan from Waukee, IA

With regards to the Packers' earnings report, where do the profits go?

They're invested in the team.

Tony from Bronxville, NY

Vic, before Super Bowl XLV, Don Banks wrote an article on about the differences between Packers fans and Steelers fans and how passionate each were. He said Steelers fans really, really want to win, and Packer fans really need to win. Thoughts?

I sense no difference in either fan base's desire to win but, of course, Packers fans are much greater than Steelers fans.

Buzz from Chicago, IL

"It was about drama. It was about a fairy tale that came to life." I love this. Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana and others may be more efficient and my pick if I need to win one game, but I've never had more fun watching or felt more connected with a player than I did with Favre. What are some of the players that gave Steelers, Jaguars or other fan bases you know the most joy?

Joe Greene is the only player I've covered who could even remotely approach the connection with fans Favre achieved.

Kyle from Saint Paul, MN

I just needed to chime in on the Vikings stadium comment. I was born and raised a Packers fan in Milwaukee. This new Vikings stadium will be very nice. I'll love watching the Packers play here. It's not Lambeau, but looks to be a venue worth attending.

If it drives revenue as I expect it will, look out.

Randy from Des Moines, IA

Vic, I think you stink as a journalist and I resent the fact you aren't a Packers fan. Why don't you go write for the Steelers?

I enjoy covering the Packers.

Johnny from East Palatka, FL

Vic, I spent 43 minutes engaging with Packers fans in your comments section this evening. Please accept my appreciation for your moderators, and for the Packers fans themselves. No one insulted me, attacked me or anything else. I even told 'em right up front I was a Jags fan who followed you up here. Bravo to an excellent website and classy fans/readers. You should be proud of your website.

I am busting at the seams with pride.

Kellan from Madison, WI

Vic, you've talked about how the Packers sweep couldn't be run today because it's a slow developing play. When exactly did the Packers sweep become obsolete?

The rules changes of 1978 changed nearly everything about the game. It was in the early 1980's I noticed defenses moving from two-gap to gap-control technique. Once defensive linemen stopped reading and reacting and began penetrating and disrupting, the Packers sweep was a thing of the past.

Danny from Billings, MT

What does it mean when the analysts say a receiver can run a route? Really? How hard is it to run a route?

Can you go into and out of your break without raising your head? Try it. You might be surprised how difficult it is to do.

Michael from Sandy Hook, VA

Did Franco catch it before it hit the ground?

The ground was never an issue. Someone just threw that in later to deepen the suspense. It was all about who touched the ball, Frenchy Fuqua or Jack Tatum. We still don't know.

Joe from Clio, MI

What are your thoughts on the Packers' financial statement and what it says about the state of the organization and the NFL as a whole?

It says the Packers franchise has never been healthier, in a league that allows for a team to flourish in a market a fraction of the size of its competitors' markets. The financial statement says it all. If you want to be proud of something other than winning, be proud of that.

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