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Better days are ahead; when will they arrive?

Sunday's weather will require stronger resolve


Matt from Little Chute, WI

What is it going to take for us to win the game on Sunday, besides the turnover battle?

I think it's going to require a strong will to win on Sunday. Cold, windy weather is on the way. It's going to make playing football a more difficult thing to do, which is going to require a stronger resolve. I see this Sunday as a field position game: good kicking game, strong running game and defense, don't turn it over and be patient. I see this Sunday's game as a 60-minute game. The winner will be the team that owns the fourth quarter. That's late-season, cold-weather football and it can galvanize a team.

Casey from Homer, AK

Vic, I'm glad you pointed out Lacy on the Pierre-Paul interception. Quarless was open, too, but not like Lacy was. What does a coaching staff say after that? Do they just show him a picture with Lacy circled in red?

It's a learning experience. Playing quarterback isn't like playing a video game. There are 70,000 people howling at you. The defense is barking out its own instructions. The quarterback has to see everything. Fans would be stunned at what the demands are for a quarterback in that situation, and the clock is ticking, and someone is talking into your helmet. Scott Tolzien is a keeper. The Packers appear to have found something in Tolzien.

Donny from Green Bay, WI

Even Dimitroff, despite admitting an old team, cannot handle the pressure of winning to address it. Offseason moves: bring back Tony Gonzalez, let Michael Turner go and replace with another old back in Steven Jackson, sign John Abraham and Osi Umenyiora. The pressure to win that championship when they were so close last year and fill the seats at the upcoming new stadium is too high. He knew the problem but just couldn't admit it.

The Falcons had two options: Use free agency to address needs and chase that carrot one more year, or cut and gut. What do you think the reaction of their fan base would've been had the Falcons decided to cut and gut, a year after coming within a fourth-down conversion of the Super Bowl? Thomas Dimitroff did what just about every other GM in the league would've done, even though the results were predictable. Now comes cut and gut, a year late.

John from Binghamton, NY

Suppose a player has a five-year contract where the salary goes down every year, with no signing bonus. Would it count those amounts against the cap, or would it be the average of those salaries that counts against the cap each year?

Salary counts in full against the cap in the year it is paid; salary is not averaged.

Nicholas from Castaic, CA

You'll never bleed green and gold, Vic.

I don't want to bleed; I just want to watch the game. I enjoy watching this team play. It plays an exciting brand of football and it is coached by men I respect. This is a good franchise with good people, good fans and a proud tradition. Covering this team puts a smile on my face, regardless of the outcome.

Lyle from Madison, WI

Vic, I've heard many people lately say you sound fed up with answering these questions. I think the exact opposite. I appreciate your honesty and ability to keep these fans with extreme mood swings under control.

I am not in the least fatigued by the questions I receive, nor do I attempt to control the mood or tenor of those questions. All readers are welcome to share their thoughts and opinions, whatever they might be. Doing this column is the highlight of my day. It allows me to share my thoughts and opinions on a game I love. I agree with Coach McCarthy; better days are ahead. I don't know when they're going to arrive, but I know I have the patience to wait for them.

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