Bowen Visits Lineville Middle School


Matt Bowen urges Lineville students to follow their dreams.

In his third NFL season, Packers safety Matt Bowen has yet to return a fumble or interception for a touchdown. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't like to.

Tuesday, Bowen addressed students at Lineville Middle School and challenged them to follow their dreams, just like he followed his to the NFL. Just like he continues to dream, about a chance to make a pick and take it the distance.

"Whether you want to be a doctor or a teacher, whatever you want to be, you should go for it," Bowen told the student audience.

Bowen spent almost 45 minutes addressing the gym full of youngsters, talking often about the importance of teamwork, honesty and respect for others.

But in the end, many students were still imagining what the realization of his dreams might look like.

"Would you show us your touchdown dance?" one student asked, her classmates pleading their support.

Bowen smiled, politely declined, and then was saved by the bell before he could be convinced by their cheers to bust a move.

Bowen, 26, graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communications.

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