Changes Made On Packers Executive Committee

The Green Bay Packers' Executive Committee recently underwent some changes in its makeup with Vice President John Fabry taking of leave of absence, due to health issues, from the committees on which he served. He will continue to be an active member of the Board.

Peter Platten assumes the position of Vice President and Carl Kuehne assumes Platten's former position as Secretary. Bob Gallagher has been named to the Executive Committee as Member to fill out the seven-member committee. These moves were approved at the quarterly Board meeting in October.

"Due to some health reasons, I have decided to take a leave of absence from my role at the committee level on the Packers' Board of Directors," said Fabry. "The committee work is a very important responsibility and, currently, I am not able to devote the time necessary to that commitment. I will continue to be an active member of the Board of Directors, just not at the committee level."

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