Croom Extends Congratulations To Mike Shula, New Alabama Coach


Green Bay Packers running backs coach Sylvester Croom, himself a leading candidate for the position, Friday extended congratulations to Mike Shula, the new head football coach at the University of Alabama.

"I would like to congratulate Mike Shula on being named head football coach at the University of Alabama and wish both him and the Alabama program success in the years ahead," Croom said in a statement.

"To the numerous Alabama fans and former players who expressed their desire to see me return to Tuscaloosa, I express my sincere gratitude," Croom, who was interviewed for the position last week, added.

"The efforts and support I received from Mike Sherman and the entire Packer organization is greatly appreciated.

"Although the opportunity to return home to my alma mater did not materialize, I am happy and proud to still be a part of the Green Bay Packers," Croom concluded.

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