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Dallas media promoting 'Tundra Takeover'

Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers on a roll coming into this game


Joe from Menomonee Falls, WI

Vic, my wife and I are going to the game. No Cowboys jerseys will be in our seats. Who do you think on defense will step up and make a huge play for us?

Dom Capers' defense is designed to feature the linebackers, and I think it has clearly featured Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers this season. Both are on a roll coming into this game, especially Matthews. I'm expecting something special from Matthews.

Hector from San Marcos, TX

A lot of analysts on NFL Network are siding with the Cowboys for numerous reasons: more weapons, run game, team that's hot, Aaron Rodgers injury, etc. Do you think they're forgetting the important stat of players that have been in this moment, and does that make a difference?

I don't think the Cowboys have more weapons; I think both teams have an equal number of weapons. I think the Packers run game can be every bit as potent as the Cowboys'. The Packers aren't hot? Their defense sure is. Rodgers' injury is a concern; there's no question about it. I think the frigid conditions expected for this Sunday should be a major concern for the Cowboys. I see this one as a clash between two teams of equal quality.

Greg from Perkasie, PA

Vic, do you think the Packers will utilize Eddie Lacy more this game to keep Dallas' offense off the field?

I think the team that rushes for the most yards will win the game.

Gage from Milwaukee, WI

Why are people giving Dallas so much credit? I saw Detroit come out strong and fail to put Dallas away in the second half. In my opinion, the Cowboys' win had more to do with the mistakes Detroit made, and not the stellar play of Dallas.

I disagree. The Cowboys impressed me with their grit and their explosiveness. I think they're worthy of much credit. As I wrote yesterday, if you're one of those that want to beat the best to be the best, you got your wish.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, who do you think has the edge in this game?

The home field advantage belongs to the Packers and I think it's huge.

Andrew from Issaquah, WA

Do you think too much emphasis is being put on Murray and the run game? I know that's been the Cowboys' strength all year, but passing the ball is what won Dallas the game on Sunday against Detroit. We need to get pressure on Romo. After all, the Packers' downfall the past few seasons has been a subpar pass rush. Do you agree?

No, I don't. If you don't stop the run, you won't have to worry about stopping the pass. Go back and look at last year's game in Dallas. DeMarco Murray had a big first half and the Cowboys had a big lead at halftime. Inexplicably, they turned away from Murray in the second half and threw the ball, and the Packers rallied to win. Beating the Cowboys begins with stopping the run.

Eric from McKinney, TX

I'm here living in Cowboys country and just watched the local news. The lead story was about how Cowboys fans are trying to buy all available tickets to Sunday's game. They're dubbing it the "Tundra Takeover". This makes me a bit nervous. Are people not taking your advice? There are more important things in life than making a profit.

We'll see on Sunday. Let me put it this way: If Lambeau Field is dotted with an excess of Cowboys jerseys on Sunday, Monday would be a bad day to ask me which team has the best fans. I know who the best fans are. They're Packers fans and that's why I don't think there'll be a "Tundra Takeover".

Dave from Winter Park, FL

It seems like there was too much controversy surrounding the officiating in the wild card games. In my opinion, it took the attention away from where it should be, on the athletes.

This past weekend was not a favorable reflection of NFL officiating. The flag pickup in Dallas punctuated what I thought was a weekend of over-officiated games.

Ross from Hudson, WI

Vic, can you talk a bit on stop the run on the way to the quarterback? Does that work? Can the Packers do that this Sunday against the Cowboys?

That's what you do against a high-powered passing team that uses the running game as a diversion. It's something an opponent might've done against the 2011 or 2012 Packers, for example. The run game is the Cowboys' calling card. It's the staple of their offense. You're not going to stop that running game by making it something you do while you're doing something else. Dom Capers referenced the need to stop the run on multiple occasions during his press conference on Monday. He knows the Packers' ability to stop Murray will likely determine success or failure by the defense.

Tadd from Salt Lake City, UT

Vic, there have been some rumors that Chip Kelly would trade every pick to move to No. 1 for Mariota. I know "The Man" is important, but is there any QB in history worth an entire year's draft class?

I think any truly elite quarterback is worth trading an entire draft class to acquire. I'd trade a draft class for Aaron Rodgers. The problem is there's no guarantee when you make the deal. In the run-the-ball era, I wouldn't have done it. In this era, I absolutely would do it.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Vic, you've got to believe we're going to see a lot of Matthews in the middle. Agree?

I absolutely agree. I think we're going to see Matthews featured in a big, big way.

Dan from Sheboygan, WI

Who were you rooting for when you were watching the Ice Bowl as a kid?

I can remember just sitting there and enjoying the moment. I was captivated by the cold and the players' frozen breath. I remember being happy the Packers won, but I don't recall having a rooting interest. I've always been this way. I enjoy sports. I like to watch.

Jeremy from Schofield, WI

Vic, may I challenge your reply regarding the Packers knowing how to win in the frigid cold at home? Well, the Packers lost at home to the 49ers and Giants at home the last few years in the playoffs in the frigid cold. Am I right? So, you can't truly say they know how to win these games.

That was then, this is now. The Packers are 8-0 at Lambeau Field this year and they've played in the bitter cold a lot this year. We had a terribly cold November. Yes, I can say this team knows how to win in the cold.

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