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Defense could define the 2015 season

Expect dramatic improvement on special teams


Ryan from Madison, WI

Did teams during the Lombardi era have more injuries after training camp if training camp was much more intense than it is today?

The draft was 17 rounds and training camp rosters were unlimited. That kind of competition had a tendency to make injuries disappear.

Ron from Pekin, IL

How do the 2015 Packers compare at this point to the 2014 Packers?

The offense is largely the same, but the defense has new pieces to put into place. The defense's ability to replace personnel could define this season.

Gary from Temecula, CA

I love Brett Favre, but because he retired as a Viking, I am troubled about the Packers retiring his number and putting him in the Packers Hall of Fame. Am I wrong in my thinking?

I'm not against one-day contracts, but I don't know what it accomplishes for a player to sign a ceremonial, one-day contract to retire with a team. We know what Favre did for this franchise. He helped resurrect it. Signing a one-day deal to retire with the Packers isn't going to make his time with the Falcons, Jets or Vikings go away. Those were all stops in his great career and they will be so honored when he is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His identity, however, is forever linked to the Packers. That's all that matters.

Ted from River Falls, WI

Do you have any stories you can share of Wisconsin native Don Davey?

He's one of the most intelligent and gentlemanly players I've ever covered.

Dick from Merced, CA

Vic, speaking of dress codes, what do you think of so many basketball coaches wearing suits and ties? Sure looks uncomfortable to me.

It's part of the allure they need in recruiting.

Ted from Oshkosh, WI

What kind of improvements do you expect to see on special teams this year for the Packers?


Steven from Hackettstown, NJ

Teams are unable to consistently run the Oklahoma drill now because players are more fragile, are better, or injuries are more often diagnosed? What is the difference between now and Lombardi's time when it comes to these injuries?

Money and a salary cap.

Adam from Elmgrove, WI

You stated you moved Green Bay to cover big games. Have you covered as many big games as you hoped?

I've covered almost nothing but big games. It's been a delight.

Greg from De Forest, WI

In your opinion, what's the greatest football town in the country to not have a franchise?

Milwaukee is probably the answer; great TV ratings. Harrisburg, Pa., also comes to mind. It's long been a TV market battlefield between the Eagles, Ravens and Steelers.

John from Ashburn, VA

Vic, you've just been named GM of an NFL expansion team. Who is your second-most important hire, after head coach?

If the head coach is a defensive guy, then it's the offensive coordinator. If the head coach is an offensive guy, it's probably the defensive coordinator. If you're looking for a No. 3 guy, I think it's the college scouting director.

Paul from Green Bay, WI

Very disappointed in your selection of questions. You had the chance to share your knowledge about Joe Delaney on the anniversary of his death, but you chose a couple of inane questions so you could respond with what you think is a funny or witty answer. Maybe it's time to stop thinking about yourself. How many younger people read your column who may not know about Joe or his ultimate sacrifice? You had the chance to share your insight and try to keep this man's legacy alive. You have avoided my questions for some time now, but unless someone asks you about the Steelers or Jaguars, or you get a question to make you feel important or funny, you look right over it. I sent you this question specifically to get your insight, but it wasn't self-serving enough for you. I guess we will continue to get gas-pumping questions. Keep up the great work, big man!

I'll try.

Mark from Chippewa Falls, WI

Years ago, there was a game played in Soldier Field that featured college players and pros. What was that about?

It was the College All-Star Game, and it pitted a team of college all-stars vs. the NFL/Super Bowl champion. The game became uncompetitive, which I always found amusing because, in effect, the best players in college football were being dominated by rookies and undrafted free agents on a team that picked last in the draft. I covered the last College All-Star Game. A lightning storm and driving rain caused everyone to run for cover in the third quarter. They never came back. What a way to go.

Noah from Marion, IL

Do you think a quarterback like Doug Flutie could make it in today's NFL?

Yeah, his name is Russell Wilson.

Gary from Wausau, WI

Do you believe teams benefit more from combined practices with other teams than just practicing against themselves?


Mark from Pewaukee, WI

What coach brought the most innovation to the game?

Paul Brown. He also gave the game one of its greatest offensive innovators, Bill Walsh.

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