Draft Day Memories 2008 - Part 2

Packers.com caught up with all the members of Green Bay’s 2008 draft class to share what they remember most from their draft day one year ago. Excerpts of those thoughts are being presented in a two-part series. The second part features the players drafted in rounds 4-7 on Sunday, April 27, the final five of the team’s nine selections in 2008.


*Players never forget the day they were drafted, and they can remember various moments from that once-in-a-lifetime day, memories that sharpen as a new NFL Draft approaches each year.

Packers.com caught up with all the members of Green Bay's 2008 draft class to share what they remember most from their draft day one year ago.

Excerpts of those thoughts are being presented in a two-part series. The second part features the players drafted in rounds 4-7 on Sunday, April 27, the final five of the team's nine selections in 2008.*

DE Jeremy Thompson, Wake Forest, 4th round, 102nd overall

"I was at my parents' house in Charlotte, and I had some friends and family over watching it on TV. I just remember the feeling when I got the phone call, a mix of excitement, nervousness ... because I didn't know what team it was. I just saw a random phone number.

"So I picked it up and he said, 'This is Ted Thompson,' and I was really excited because my brother (Orrin) was here too. He was on his way back up up here, so I just told him I got drafted by the Packers, and he was excited for me. It was cool for both of us to be coming to the same team.

"I didn't really know the Packers were interested in me. I had a meeting with them at the Combine, and everything seemed to go well, but they weren't on me that hard. A lot of other teams showed a lot more interest, so I was actually pretty surprised the Packers would pick me, and they would trade up to get me.

"That's pretty cool, to have a team trade up and get you. That means they really liked you. But getting drafted is a blast, so I was just excited about getting drafted, period. I kind of felt relieved I knew what team I was going to be on. I just wanted to come up here, meet the guys and learn the system.

"It was a Sunday afternoon, so after I was picked I just went to get some ice cream and talked with some of my high school friends about the road we took to get where we are now. It was pretty cool, pretty relaxed."

G Josh Sitton, Central Florida, 4th round, 135th overall

"That was a very hectic day, a very anxious, very high-strung day. I was with all my friends and family at my house in Pensacola, and nobody really wanted to be around me, because I was so anxious and nervous about the whole thing. There were a lot of questions about what was going to happen, and I wasn't 100 percent sure about anything. It was a nerve-racking day.

"Throughout the year, I was thinking undrafted or free agent or whatever. But then I had a really good showing out in Hawaii (at the Hula Bowl), a really good pro day, and people were telling me fourth to sixth round, but I didn't really listen to anyone saying any of that. I thought in the back of my head maybe fifth, sixth round, something like that, and then I jumped up into the fourth, so that was a good surprise. I thought if I didn't get picked there, it would have been in the next half of the fifth round or something. But I really didn't have a clue. I thought I could be sitting there all day. It was a crazy day.

"I came on a (pre-draft) visit here. I went on three visits, and for some reason I kind of scratched the Packers off. I had a good time here on the visit. I felt I connected with the coaches and did real well in all the meeting stuff, but I wasn't thinking this would be it, so I was surprised at that pick.

"I didn't really have any other calls that day until then. I talked to Ted and then Coach (James) Campen and Coach (Jerry) Fontenot, and they said congratulations and we're looking forward to seeing you up here.

"That was probably the top memory of my life for sure. Afterward, we just hung out at my house and celebrated amongst my friends and family. Had a little crawfish cookout in the backyard."

T Breno Giacomini, Louisville, 5th round, 150th overall

"I was at my father's house (in Medford, Mass.) and it was kind of like a draft/graduation party, half-and-half. I just had a whole bunch of family and friends over, and I was really nervous waiting for that phone call. But it finally came, and I was happy when it came. Really happy.

"Ted Thompson called me and said, 'This is the Green Bay Packers.' He just asked me a few questions, said they were going to draft me, and he passed the phone on down the line through the coaches. It took a while talking to the media and the coaches, but after that it kind of sunk in.

"Then my dad went out and bought like 50 Green Bay hats. He came back and passed them out. It was a pretty fun time. We just hung out and barbecued all night. Everyone was just real happy for me. I got drafted and now I had a chance to play in this league.

"I just wanted to have my name called. I knew it was going to be around that area I got drafted in. If it was a little bit earlier, a little bit later, it didn't matter to me, as long as I got drafted. It was a lot of weight off my shoulders. I was real nervous, then that went away, and I got really excited. I'm happy I got drafted by the Green Bay Packers."

QB Matt Flynn, LSU, 7th round, 209th overall

"Some of my friends and close friends and family and girlfriend, we all headed out to a nice golf course right outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I knew the pro out there, so he slotted us in four or five tee times, and we played a scramble with eight or nine guys. I had fun.

"I didn't watch the draft, didn't worry about it. If the phone rang, it rang, and luckily enough for me, it rang, and it was Ted Thompson, asking me how I would feel about being a Packer. I was excited, my family was excited, and here I am.

"I got some calls toward the end of the sixth round from some different teams talking about free agency, but I was expecting to get drafted, so I was starting to get a little bit worried. But I knew everything happens for a reason, and I just wanted to get on a team somewhere.

"The call (from Green Bay) came when I was in the tee box on 17, which is the nicest hole on that particular course. Then my next shot went in the water. I think each round that went by, I started making more bogeys and more bogeys. But it was fun. I had a blast. I don't remember my score that day, but I remember the ball I hit in the water, very well.

"I had no clue the Packers were looking at me. I talked to them at the Combine. I think I talked to Coach Tom (Clements) for about 10 minutes, that was about it. Other than that, I didn't have any contact. I don't even know if they were at my pro day or not. Who knows. It's amazing how many stories like that you hear, guys who are talking to three or four teams a lot, and then they get called by a team they hadn't talked to. I think it happened to a lot of my friends that were drafted."

WR Brett Swain, San Diego St., 7th round, 217th overall

"I was suspected as maybe a seventh-round pick, so I didn't really have a whole lot of plans on draft day. I kept it kind of quiet, just a family-type deal, and just waited around to see what would happen.

{sportsad300}"The first day went by and we were watching to see how everything unfolded. Then the next day me and my family were sitting down watching it, and we got a couple phone calls early in the day saying we're looking at you, we have some interest. You get those phone calls and it excites you a little bit, but you don't want to get too emotional too fast because you never know what's going to happen.

"Green Bay finally called in the seventh round, saying they were going to take me. My buddy (San Diego State quarterback Kevin O'Connell) had gotten drafted earlier, late in the third, to New England, and he was having a draft party at a local restaurant in the area, so we ended up going over there.

"Kevin went to my rival high school. I was at Carlsbad and he was at La Costa. That was a big rivalry, and they're only 5-10 minutes away from each other, so we shared all the local spots and he had a restaurant only 10 minutes away from my house, so it worked out pretty well. We just hung out. He had reporters there and everything, and I was just kind of hanging out in the background, enjoying myself too.

"They had bought draft day caps for every team, because they knew he was going to get drafted, so they had brought Green Bay's cap and given it to me to wear. So I was at the party wearing a Green Bay hat and everything.

"Going free agent was definitely a possibility. We were preparing for that from Day 1 -- if it folds out this way you have to go down this route. I had to be ready for anything, but once Green Bay called, I didn't have to worry about it anymore."

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