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Each win deepens the investment

Are you rested and ready for the big finish?


Brian from Albertville, AL

Even at 6-0, those last 10 games seem a lot more formidable than before the season started, don't they?

Think of the season as an investment. The more you win, the more invested you are, and the more invested you are, the more you worry about your investment.

Alex from Stockton, CA

For some fans, they have a team they hate. Did you ever hate a team present or past (don't have to tell when) and why?

Why would I hate a team? It's trying to do to you what you're trying to do to it. Their players were on your draft board. I just don't get it.

Kevin from Plainview, TX

You stated in your recent chat the wide receiver pick play is kind of cheap. Some feel the same about Aaron Rodgers' hard-call attempts to draw the defense offside. Agree or disagree?

It's a trick play and it can make a defense look foolish, especially the guy guilty of jumping offside. For that reason, I would be judicious in my use of it. I wouldn't want to unnecessarily anger one of those big guys.

Shawn from Kissimmee, FL

It was nice to have a week to watch football from your perspective, watch without emotions involved, and without concern for the outcome of any game. It was refreshing and now I'm ready for the real grind.

Intentionally, I didn't even know who was playing until Sunday morning. Other than for doing this column last week, I attempted to remove myself from football as much as possible. I'm ready to go, too.

Kyle from Oakdale, MN

The run-first strategy seems to be alive and well in the NFL. Aside from having an elite QB, it seems to be a strong predictor of who will win the game. What would you attribute to the run resurgence? Was the run game really dead? Am I fooling myself?

Did you watch the Jets-Pats game? Tom Brady attempted 54 passes and the Pats ran the ball nine times, four of which were by Brady. Brady's average per pass attempt was 6.6. It was a dink-and-dunk clinic. I hated it. I give the Pats credit. They saw what the major point of emphasis would create, and they took advantage of it.

Scott from Bozeman, MT

Vic, I know you might think it's too early for big games but Green Bay-Denver is a big game. I'm happy for you that you get to cover it.

It's a big game because both teams are undefeated and it's a clash of two magical quarterbacks, but the hype for this one is going to be way over the top. Truth be known, the game in Carolina the following week will be bigger because it'll be between two NFC teams and the team that wins will hold the head-to-head tiebreaker.

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