'Endurance 50' Comes To Lambeau Field


After already completing 38 marathons in the same amount of days, one would naturally consider Dean Karnazes to be tired or at the least the slightest bit winded after completing his latest marathon Tuesday in Green Bay.

Karnazes, from San Francisco, has been making headlines throughout the country for the past few weeks by attempting to run a marathon in every single U.S. State for 50 consecutive days, and to hear him speak after finishing his 38th marathon would make onlookers believe it was day one.

Karnazes says inspiring others to become active is the main goal of his nationwide jog.

"The plan is to inspire someone to take that first step," he said. "You don't have to run 50 marathons in 50 days. Run a 5K. Run a mile, just get out there and be more active and a lot of times people find it to be one of the most fulfilling elements of their whole life."

In his nationwide journey, Karnazes admitted that he has witnessed many sights during his runs that others might not be inclined to see on their own daily jog.

"I've seen a bear eating a moose, I've seen rattlesnakes, raccoons, porcupines," he said. "You name it we've experienced it."

Karnazes also got to take in some sights on Tuesday, Oct. 24, that are dear to the hearts of green and gold followers everywhere.

Karnazes and 42 other runners got a chance to run around the hallowed grounds of Lambeau Field on en route to finishing his 38th straight marathon.

"I'm a Niners fan. I live in San Francisco but in Green Bay it's the heritage," he said. "The legend around here is just incredible, so to finish that last lap through the field was surreal. It was like a dream state to run out of the tunnel and see the stadium and touch the grass."

Karnazes will continue to march toward marathon No. 50 in New York by running his next marathon Oct. 25 in Bloomington, IN.

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