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Everything is more difficult to do in the cold

Officials don't have a favorite team


Jill from Guilford, CT

What is faceguarding?

It's an attempt by the defender to block the receiver's view of the ball. In college football, it's a violation. In the NFL, it's not a violation. The controversial play in the Dallas-Detroit game would've been a clear faceguarding violation in college football. What I saw, as it pertains to the NFL's rules, is pass interference as a result of contact.

Jon from Towanda, PA

Cowboys vs. Packers; I love it! For our defense, it's an opportunity to test its mettle against one of the last great gunslingers in the league, along with the league's leading rusher. Tony Romo doesn't get the credit he deserves. What are your thoughts on this?

What defines a gunslinger? Interceptions? If that's what it is, then Romo isn't a gunslinger this season. His 34-9 ratio of touchdowns to interceptions speaks of an improved efficiency in his game, and that's what's taken him to a higher level. He's now a playoff-winning quarterback, as opposed to the darling of the gunslinger fans that value wildness over victory.

Mitch from New Berlin, WI

Stack that box all day against the Cowboys! The reason they are even relevant at this point is because of their OL and their run game. The Packers secondary can match up with anyone. Romo's small hands and a frozen tundra; stack that box!

Whatever it takes, but I agree that it begins with stopping the run.

Michael from Madison, WI

I bet the Cowboys coaches are going to be talking to Murray all week about ball security. Running with the ball so loose gets more dangerous in the cold.

Everything is more difficult to execute in extreme weather conditions. I don't know how these guys can play as they do in the kind of cold we're experiencing right now. I know I couldn't write a story in this kind of cold.

Justin from Powhatan Point, OH

Vic, I'm not saying this was the case in the Dallas-Detroit game, but are referees allowed to officiate games that involve their favorite team? Is that a question they are asked upon being hired? Could you shed some light on the subject?

Officials don't have favorite teams. Why can't fans understand this? We're not like you. Our jobs are more important than a rooting interest. The players, the coaches, the officials and good reporters care about one thing and one thing only: doing their job.

Adam from Wausau, WI

If you're Coach McCarthy and Rodgers is 100 percent healthy for the game on Sunday, do you advise him to walk around with a limp?

Sure, why not? For a 1992 playoff game, Bill Cowher had Neil O'Donnell wear a brace on his good knee. George Perles was fond of saying that's why MIT doesn't have a football team. Now, they do.

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