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Falcons have look of a team getting hot

What about that shooting star on Sunday?


Dan from Minneapolis, MN

Vic, I'd like your opinion on the potential for our defensive squad. Coach Capers said, "Your goal is always to be playing your best in the months of November and December, for obvious reasons." My question is how good can they be?

The Packers defense just held the league's No. 1 scoring offense to 21 points. What's that say?

Brandon from Fairfield, CA

Vic, what are your thoughts on the coach of the year race? I have great respect for what Arians has done in Arizona, but if the Cardinals continue to drop, I would love to see McCarthy win it, especially after the game plan that was executed against Belichick.

I think Bruce Arians is still in the lead, but Mike McCarthy closed a lot of ground on Sunday, based on the publicity he received for winning the matchup battle. I think what Coach McCarthy would tell you is that making schematic adjustments is the easiest part of a coach's job. Being the leader of the franchise is the toughest. The coach is the franchise's heartbeat. He points its arrow. That's why I think Coach McCarthy should be strongly considered for coach of the year.

Mike from Fairfield, CA

Vic, you've stated multiple times that Brady did not have a good game. Are you implying the defense forced him into a bad game or just that he was simply off?

He got pressure early in the game that knocked the ball out of his hand and knocked him off the spot. I think it got him out of his usual rhythm. He was not the completion machine I covered in the 2007 AFC playoffs, when he completed 26 of 28 passes. Some of his passes on Sunday were off target. That won't happen often. He's as accurate a passer as I've ever seen.

Connor from St. Paul, MN

Vic, you mentioned that Richard Sherman stays on one side of the field, while Darrelle Revis will move around. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each technique?

The advantage to positioning your top cover man to one side of the field is that by doing that you direct the ball to one side of the field. The advantage to moving your top cover man all over the field is that you direct the ball away from the opponent's top receiver.

Sean from New Richmond, WI

What did you think of Sam Barrington's performance? I thought he really stepped up.

He's a young player on the rise. It's a beautiful thing.

Blair from Los Angeles, CA

We are now going to be in first in the power rankings. I don't like that. I never liked being first. Last time we were first we lost in the first round of the playoffs. We don't like being in the spotlight. That's why we're always drama free.

So, you don't like being in the media spotlight, but when the media doesn't give the Packers enough attention, you complain? Packers fans struggle with the media a little more than fans of other teams do.

Mike from La Crosse, WI

Vic, reading your questions yesterday, it seems like most people are already deciding what our seeding will be in the playoffs. Is it not angering the football gods to assume we will make the playoffs, and do you see any danger of the Packers not making it to the playoffs this year?

I don't look for reasons to worry. It's December and I think it's perfectly fine for fans to look ahead to the postseason. The playoffs are the goal. It's why we lift all those weights, right? Enjoy the suspense. Real football has arrived.

Anthony from Lake Forest, CA

Is the defense's success a product of Matthews being moved inside, or everyone stepping up as a whole?

Moving Clay Matthews around has created some intrigue and doubt for opposing offenses, and young players are on the rise. Ha Ha, Micah Hyde and Sam Barrington are examples of that. One more thing: Coach Capers has been very good at playing tendencies. You have to be good at that if you're going to move Matthews around.

Jason from Granger, IA

As a Packers fan, I love media hype. I love being the Super Bowl favorites and at the top of the power rankings. It's all meaningless, but having the media chortle for you is awesome, especially because we know in seven days it will be gone, so we bask in it while we can. However, I do have to say it's awesome having a place to come back to and gain some good, honest perspective from a true football expert. "Ask Vic" is some delicious humble pie for Packers fans. So, if you saw my last email accusing you of possibly edging into cynicism, I do have to thank you sincerely for that. Hopefully, having to keep us all grounded isn't ruining your enjoyment for the game.

Cynical? Me?

Austin from La Crosse, WI

Did anybody who went to the game mention the shooting star over Lambeau immediately after the Jordy TD? I was in section 304 and we all saw it. Players, not plays? Maybe there is something more this season.

Maybe Somebody was sending a message.

Stephen from Cedar Falls, IA

Vic, I think the Packers are missing one thing to send this offense into overdrive. We need a complete tight end like Jermichael Finley. Do you agree and do you think Quarless or Rodgers can step up to be so?

They didn't step up on Sunday?

Yuri from Edmonton, Alberta

Vic, I am ready for December football. Are you?

I was ready for it in September. This is what's it all about. You don't have to worry about overstating the importance of something now. Everything is now very important.

Jesus from El Paso, TX

What is the Falcons' identity? Do they match up well against the Packers?

The Falcons' identity is that of a team hardened by heartbreaking defeats. This one isn't about matchups. This one is about each team's will.

Jacob from Spooner, WI

I'm sorry to whine, but certain ESPN personalities are making it out to be that the Packers squeaked by the Patriots; no mention of the Packers dominating the line of scrimmage. Should I beg the football gods for a rematch so we can beat the Pats again, or would that anger them?

Be careful for what you wish. Just take it as it comes. Frankly, I'm glad the Patriots are in the AFC. They have a look to them that reminds me of the 2011 Giants.

Venton from Mishicot, WI

Is Atlanta a team getting hot? They have won three of their last four and just beat the team with the best record in the NFC.

Yes, the Falcons are a team getting hot because the Falcons are a team hardened by defeat. Those kinds of teams are dangerous in December.

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