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Fans are Packers' greatest advantage

New stadium in LA would explode the salary cap


Ben from Hilo, HI

Over the course of your career, have locker room interviews become more awkward? I could imagine stars during the early days of the NFL welcoming the attention, while current players may not appreciate our level of obsession with them.

Players have reason to be guarded in what they say to the media these days, and it's because the media and the readers are quick to pounce on the misspoken word. Once upon a time, a reporter would protect a valued source by not printing his mistakes. Now, we celebrate them.

Lorenzo from Genova, Italy

Vic, love the column. After reading what our coach said, it's clear help is on our roster and not in free agency.

One of the questions that has to be answered before you sign a free agent is this: Do I already have that player on my roster?

Ryan from Shanghai, China

Vic, last week you mentioned if the players union didn't exist, the NFL would likely lose the draft. I don't understand what you mean. Could you expand on this?

The CBA protects the draft because the players agree to it. No CBA, no protection. The draft would likely be challenged as a violation of anti-trust laws.

Jeff from Hickory, NC

Vic, with Chris Borland hanging up his NFL career after one season, do you think teams will interview players with questions on the concussion controversy?

I don't think it's likely a player will tell you he'll retire if he gets a concussion. I think it's more important to acquire information on a prospect's concussion history.

Eddy from Reston, VA

Vic, if we don't sign Wes Welker or Greg Jennings, do you think we should draft a receiver in the first round?

I'd rather not, but if he's the top guy on the board, pick him.

Dan from Golden Valley, MN

Vic, I just saw the renderings of the new stadium complex in Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke will unveil to NFL owners at the league meetings in Phoenix. The Packers are ninth in NFL revenue currently. How long can they keep it up and be viable if Lambeau is now completely developed for revenue opportunities? What do they do next to keep up?

First of all, a new stadium and two teams in Los Angeles will explode the salary cap. That's the real issue because, in effect, those two teams will be passing their player costs onto the rest of the league, and that's why teams have to find a way to keep up with the Joneses. The Packers have a fan base so vast and so rabid I don't anticipate a problem for this franchise driving revenue. As I have written repeatedly, the fans are the Packers' greatest advantage.

Mark from Shepherdstown, WV

The neighbor that got me hooked on the Packers when I was just a kid back in the early '60s told me that one of the toughest players he ever saw on the football field was Chuck Bednarik. Thoughts?

When the other players left the field to take a rest, Bednarik stayed on the field and waited for the new players to arrive.

K.J. from Washington, MO

Vic, love the column. With the offseason of creating a new championship team upon us, my brother and I were having an argument about how coaches determine the final few spots on the 53-man roster. I think the player's preseason performance is the deciding factor, but my brother said the coach's decision was based on how well the player practices. I think Jayrone Elliott made the team mostly because of how well he performed in preseason. So, is it practice or preseason?

It's special teams, especially this year.

Travis from Tehachapi, CA

Vic, if you could add any player from any era in his prime to the current roster, with cap space and money not being an issue, who would you choose? My answer for this changes almost daily, but right now my picks are between Lawrence Taylor, Deion Sanders and, even though he's still early in his career, J.J. Watt.


Brian from Yakima, WA

Do you think the Packers have drafted wide receivers that are much better than the competition, or does it have more to do with the offense and Aaron Rodgers?

When your franchise's last two quarterbacks are Rodgers and Brett Favre, you should have a pretty good track record for drafting receivers.

Dave from Cedarburg, WI

With House and Tramon gone, what are the Packers' plans for CB? How about ILB?

Based on what Mike McCarthy said on Sunday, the plan at cornerback would make Casey Hayward the incumbent at Tramon Williams' spot, and continue the development of Demetri Goodson. At inside linebacker, Sam Barrington appears to be the leader for a starting job, and young players such as Carl Bradford will be challenged to make a big step forward in their career. Also, the Packers will lean on the draft, McCarthy said, which indicates to me it's likely the Packers will address both positions in the draft. He also said we'll see what happens between now and the draft, which means adding someone in free agency is also a possibility. I guess that pretty much covers it.

Nick from State College, PA

Was ILB ever a premier position in football's history?

In the run-the-ball era, middle linebacker was the premier position on defense, and the game was loaded with great middle linebackers: Ray Nitschke, Joe Schmidt, Dick Butkus, Willie Lanier, Jack Lambert, Tommy Nobis, Sam Huff, Chuck Bednarik, and on and on.

Andy from La Crosse, WI

Vic, out of all the Packers you have covered, who do you think has the best sense of humor? Eddie Lacy seems funny.

I enjoy Aaron Rodgers' dry and edgy sense of humor.

Tom from West Bend, WI

Run defense, in particular, is much more a reflection of personnel than scheme. Yes or no?

I've always considered run defense to be about strength and toughness. I think that describes Mike Daniels.

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