Fans Contribute Memorabilia To Packers Hall Of Fame Inc.


Donations Accepted Through Friday, Feb. 13

Fans have answered the call from the Packers Hall of Fame Inc. with memorabilia items that will be included in the updated display for Packers Fan Fest, March 13-14.

Tom Murphy, the Hall of Fame's archivist, said more are welcome and can be donated through Friday, Feb. 13. Items can be donated via appointment by contacting Krissy Zegers (920/569-7132;

"We thank the fans for their donations. We have received some unique items that will work very well in the display," Murphy said. "We'll welcome additional items this week, however, so if more are out there, we'd be happy to take them."

The donated pieces will be used in the section of the Hall that displays a wide range of unique items, including personalized license plates, headwear, artwork and homemade banners and signs.

Donors also may send items to the Hall of Fame, care of Tom Murphy, Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc., 1976 Ridge Rd., Green Bay, WI, 54304.

Any items donated will become property of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. Forms for the donation can be filled out ahead of time and can be found online at

More information on the type of memorabilia sought:

• Unique, homemade items that represent a fan perspective.

• Items have to be non-perishable.

• Maximum height of six feet and maximum depth of two feet.

• Items may not necessarily be put on display immediately, but could be saved for future displays.

Any questions about potential donations can be directed to Krissy Zegers (920/569-7132;

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