FANS/Green and Gold Friday


Green & Gold Friday

"Green and Gold Friday" is a fan engagement initiative that will inspire each and every Packers fan to continue to gear up for gameday. For years, fans have celebrated their support of the Packers by wearing their favorite green and gold clothing to work, in the community, and at school on Fridays. We want to continue to ramp up the energy and enthusiasm of fans as they get ready for the weekend's game.

We invite you to join the Packers organization in encouraging fans throughout Wisconsin and beyond to demonstrate their support for the team and wear green and gold wherever they are on Fridays. With this initiative, we hope to build even more excitement for our team with the most dedicated fan base in the country.

With each new season comes renewed hope and the opportunity for fans to make lifelong memories. Join us in spreading pride through "Green and Gold Friday" and give Packers fans yet another reason to celebrate.