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How did you feel about the Bears beating the 49ers?

Yesterday's game was a writer's delight


Alex from Suring, WI

Vic, do you see a time in the future when the Lambeau Leap will be a penalty?

No. The league has much bigger problems than the Lambeau Leap. The Lambeau Leap is what's good about football.

Denis from Atglen, PA

Vic, I actually like the commentary from Trent Green on the CBS broadcast. How much of the broadcast do you hear during the game, and does it affect your assessment in any way?

I hear some of it. It helps me. It was TV that told us Marty Mornhinweg shouldn't have been able to call time out. Green's OK, but he's too much about scheme analysis and not enough about big-picture analysis. Scheme analysis bores me.

Dan from Columbus, GA

Vic, did you see the casualty list across the league. Points of emphasis seem to be having a negative effect.

The points-of-emphasis campaign isn't about player safety, it's about more points. Once they get defenses to back off their coverage, the points will flow like water. That hasn't happened yet. Coverages are still tight.

Larry from Rochester, NY

Vic, as someone who goes to school in western New York, many people here, Bills fans included, are used to looking at the Bills as a team that just can't get it done. The past two years with Doug Marrone as the coach has really put things together with this team. I watched that game against Miami yesterday, and they hit hard, they ran hard and had a QB that could do enough to keep the defense on their toes in the passing game. I feel like you'd really like this team. I think this year's trip to Buffalo in mid-December could really be quite the matchup with huge importance in both the NFC and AFC playoff pictures.

You might be right. I look forward to that game, too, except for fighting the crowd to make that walk from the press box to the locker room after the game. It is now officially the worst in the league. By the way, Coach Marrone has done a wonderful job, but what about Doug Whaley's role in the rebuild of the Bills? He's the guy that found those players. E.J. Manuel was a gutsy pick. When I watched him at the Senior Bowl, I did not see a No. 16 pick of the draft. Whaley's a good man. I'm happy for him.

Caleb from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, I'm trying to maintain perspective. What, if anything, should we make of the lack of catches by a tight end on Sunday?

Here's what I make of it: Jordy Nelson can run faster, jump higher, catch better and do more with the ball after the catch than every tight end on the Packers roster. Why wouldn't I want to throw it to Nelson?

Pat from Altoona, WI

Was yesterday's game the kind you just love as a writer? The drama of come from behind, controversial call, player ejected, some big plays from each team. Is there anything that could make it better?

I loved it. It's what I call a good writing game. After all, that's what's important, right?

Ron from Versailles, KY

Vic, I know I should root for division rivals to lose, but I took strange delight in watching the Bears come back and stun the Niners.

I'm inclined to believe most Packers fans would agree with you, which only goes to prove I'm correct when I say the 49ers are a bigger rival for the Packers right now than the Bears are.

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