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I'm excited for this game

Winning championships is about team


Jerdad from Friendship, WI

Great answer on the AFC South and NFC East, but how many of the younger Packers fans will know who they are?

If they know who they are, what would they learn?

Dave from Lake Worth, WI

Why do you ever run Lacy outside the tackles? He has to have negative yards there.

You run him outside the tackles because that's where the cutback lanes are. They're called stretch plays and Eddie Lacy's biggest runs come on stretch plays.

Yumon from Bedford, TX

What's the game plan when the passing game is shut down? What's our next option?

There are only two things you can do with the ball on offense. If you can't pass it, you better be able to run it. Doing one helps you do the other.

Dylan from Glenbeulah, WI

What is your opinion of Jeff Janis? I see a tall guy with great speed who could be the deep-threat replacement we need. He has been great on special teams week in and week out. What does he have to do to become a more involved part of our offense?

I see a tall, strong, fast, athletic young player who can go get the ball. He has to do whatever it is the coaches aren't seeing in practice, because that's what's holding him back. The coaches know what they're doing. Trust them. For most players, it's draft and develop, not draft and do now. Be patient. It worked for Jordy Nelson.

Jay from Sheboygan, WI

Vic, you say this game will tell us a lot about this team. What if they come out and lay an uncharacteristic egg? The fans will panic and call for heads to roll. If they don't play their best, will the fans be able to recognize and come to terms that it just wasn't our Sunday. The Cardinals are a very good team and we are playing on their field. I expect a great game but think we won't show our full hand, since we will probably see them in a few weeks again.

The Packers will show the Cardinals everything and anything they need to show the Cardinals to beat the Cardinals. Your expectations are weak. This isn't the time for weak expectations. This is when it counts!

Steve from Manitowoc, WI

I am so happy to hear Coach McCarthy made 1265 Lombardi Ave. a ghost town on Christmas. Christmas is about our faith and family. I hope you are reading this in your den wearing comfortable clothing with a cup of egg nog.

I'm reading your email in my study, where I am writing "Ask Vic Saturday" on Christmas because the plane for Arizona leaves at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. Christmas is about faith and family, but it's also about football if you write about it for a living and there are bills to pay. Football has come first in my life for a long, long time. One day, it'll come last. That day has yet to arrive.

Bob from Beaver Dam, WI

In the spirit of rule-change suggestions, I would like to see a 5-yard, delay-of-game penalty assessed for an unsuccessful challenge.

I love it.

Bruce from Washburn, WI

I have a good feeling about Sunday's game. Win or lose, we'll see another great effort by the Packers. What more could we ask for?

Et tu, Brute? That's also weak. I endured great expectations all last spring, which isn't the time for great expectations. Now is the time for great expectations. This is when it matters. Don't tell me about it in May and then back off it in December.

Luke from La Crosse, WI

Do you think the USFL had a good concept while it lasted?

The USFL had a great idea, but they allowed Donald Trump to persuade them to quit on it. Had the league endured, as the AFL did, I think the expansion of 1995 that gave us the Panthers and Jaguars would've been a merger of the NFL with a few of the best franchises of the USFL. I admire and respect perseverance. The USFL lacked it, and Trump is to blame.

Isaac from St. Paul, MN

Merry Christmas, Vic! Would you mind telling a Bud Carson story?

He's the father of "Cover Two" defense. His was one of the finest defensive minds in professional football history. His genius as Steelers defensive coordinator was in knowing when you have the "Steel Curtain" on your front line, you don't need plays because you have players. My lasting memory of Bud is of walking past his darkened dormitory room and seeing the light of his projector shining through a seemingly permanent cloud of cigarette smoke.

Ryan from Chicago, IL

No. 10 in the 10 things editorial gave me goosebumps. Play for the G on your helmet. You get it.

It's professional football, but when you get to this point in the season, you're playing for everything but the money. You're playing for your heart, your pride, your teammates, your coaches, your fans and, ultimately, the team that will define your career. The stats are in the book. Now it's about winning championships, and that's about team.

Steve from Lake Stevens, WA

The Cardinals secondary tends to get the publicity, but what do you know about their front seven?

They stop the run.

Simon from New Mexico

If a player is an alternate for the Pro Bowl and another player drops out so that player is then in the Pro Bowl, is that player then considered a Pro-Bowl player?

Yes, for that season. He could be from way down the list of alternates, but if he played in the game, he's a Pro-Bowler.

Nathan from Tiffin, OH

Vic, how big of a disappointment would it be if the McCarthy/Rodgers era ended with only one Super Bowl win, and what would you say is the likelihood that ends up being the case?

I don't know how many they'll win; nobody does. I encourage you to stop thinking about Super Bowl wins and begin focusing on the journey required to get to the Super Bowl. That's where the joy is. It's the journey, not the destination.

Nick from Houston, TX

I am so worried about this Packers offense. Even though we have been accustomed to a great offense, I feel we are doing badly or worse than the average team. Is our offense really a Super Bowl offense?

We'll find out on Sunday. The time for asking questions is at an end. The time for answers is at hand.

Jack from Green Bay, WI

There are expected to be many Packers fans at the game against Arizona. How much will this be a factor on Sunday?

I expect it to be a huge factor. It'll help deepen the commitment and energy of the team. This team is ready to play. This fan base is ready for a defining victory. This can be the game that vaults the Packers to a higher level of performance and confidence. This is not the time for lowered expectations or shrinking violets. I am excited for this game.

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