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I'm giving my tickets to Packers fans

Welcome the confrontation and the drama


Jordan from Hartford, WI

No disrespect to the Cowboys, I think they are a very good football team, but I really feel they need to come into Lambeau Field with their A game on Sunday for them to have a chance at winning. I know you feel the same way, Vic. How do I know this? Our Packers are playing great football right now. They are getting it done in all phases of the game and for the first time in years this team is healthy. We have the Lambeau advantage, we have the weather advantage, we have the bye-week advantage. We have Aaron Rodgers. This is look out if I've ever seen it and I'm ready to indulge and see what this team can do. I'm glad we agree on this.

Neither team can win without their A game. This is the best matchup of the weekend.

Noah from Brisbane, Australia

Vic, apart from the Packers vs. Cowboys game, which game intrigues you the most this weekend?

Ravens at Patriots. The Ravens seem to have the Patriots' number.

Fred from Kurdistan, Iraq

Vic, you couldn't have said it better. "Your heart is in Lambeau." Every time I have the opportunity to step into the Atrium, I cry like a little boy inside. I'll be Packers faithful until they are throwin' dirt on me.

Fred, please don't cry.

Erik from Clarkston, WA

Vic, I eat, sleep and breathe Packers football. I'm down when they lose and jubilant when they win. In fact, when discussing football, I refer to the team as we. Am I wrong to do this? I don't think so. I really enjoy my team and never want a blowout. We can and will win this game, not just with talent but also with heart and will.

Are we going to make it to Sunday?

Jill from Fennimore, WI

Twenty years ago today, the weather was frigid just like it is this year, and the Packers were preparing to play the Cowboys in a playoff game. I was born in the early hours of that morning. I'm told both my father and the doctor were anxious for me to arrive in time so they would be able to watch the game. I obliged, but I was not the Packers' good luck charm, as they lost that game badly. However, the Packers haven't done a whole lot of losing since that Sunday 20 years ago, and it's hard for me to realize just how spoiled I have been as a Packers fan. The Packers have been a part of my life since literally the day I was born, and they will continue to be for the rest of my life.

I get it. This is true confessions day. I love it.

Karl from Santa Fe, NM

Vic, please compare/contrast strength of schedule between the Cowboys and Packers. The Packers made the Lions look worse, with more rushing yards against the same very tough Lions defense.

The Cowboys won in Seattle. That has to say something, right? I think we're trying too hard to convince ourselves there's no reason for concern on Sunday. Hey, this is the postseason. Every game should be reason for concern. These are the best of the best. The Cowboys are quality. Don't try to convince yourself that it's going to be a cakewalk. Welcome the confrontation and the drama. That's how you prepare for a big game.

Brandon from Aurora, IL

Given the weather conditions and how both the Cowboys and Packers have played at home and on the road, who do you think will win?

If Aaron Rodgers' calf injury isn't a problem, I favor a Packers victory, but I expect it to be a fourth-quarter game.

Andy from Fremont, WI

So the Cowboys practiced in cold temperatures yesterday; 30-some degrees, your story said. As I write this, it is minus-eight. How many of the Cowboys players do you think really know how cold it is?

You can't imagine how cold that kind of cold is without being out in it. Take it from somebody that thought he knew cold but didn't know Green Bay cold until he moved here. Four years later, I still can't make it from the car to the front door in this kind of cold without distress. The forecast temperatures for Sunday are moderating, but I still expect them to be a factor in the game.

Nathan from Denver, CO

Do you expect Aaron Rodgers' injury to play a big role in the drama on Sunday?

I hope it doesn't. I hope it's no issue at all, but I acknowledge the concern. In my mind, his calf injury is the week's No. 1 story. Aaron Rodgers is bigger than the weather.

Ryan from River Falls, WI

Vic, I read that the Cowboys were practicing in chilly Dallas weather, in preparation for Sunday. Are there any NFL rules stopping them from moving north for the week?

They can practice anywhere they want, but teams are reluctant to do that because that kind of move disrupts the routine and turns the focus onto something other than preparation for the game. Plus, there would be a concern for wearing out the players by making them practice in conditions with which their bodies are not accustomed. Playing in the cold is fatiguing. When I covered the Jaguars, they successfully prepared for a game in Lambeau Field in 2004 by buying into the belief that playing in the cold is a mental thing.

Thomas from Dallas, TX

The bartender at the Dallas airport wouldn't serve me on my layover because I was wearing my Packers jacket. Things are heating up, Vic.

I like playfulness, but that's over the line.

Samantha from Hartford, WI

I wish I could help the non-tundra takeover! I would give anything to be at this game, but with two small kids, it just is not in the budget. What should I be watching for during the game on TV?

You should be watching for yourself, Samantha, because you're going to the game. That's right, I'm giving you my two tickets for this Sunday's game because I wanna make sure my seats have the seats of Packers fans in them.

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