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I'm starting to get that feeling

Time for Packers to re-start their engine


Chris from New Canaan, CT

For next year, let's remember all this mess started in the week after the bye week. It's overrated and over-analyzed. Players don't get healthy (they get healthy when the season is over), and whatever momentum and rhythm the team had was interrupted.

I agree with much of what you're saying. The thing about the bye week that can be most troubling is the bye week is perceived as a time to temporarily shut it down. Sometimes it's difficult to turn it back on. Be that as it may, the bye week is part of the game, and re-starting your engine can be one of the game's challenges.

Dominic from Islington, UK

Vic, what makes a game memorable for you? A perfect combination of late drama, high stakes and individual brilliance?

Mostly, it's a feeling that makes a game special to me. It's a feeling that I'm witnessing something important, a potentially seminal moment in a team's season, or maybe even a turning point in a team's life cycle. I have a sensitivity for the moment. It's my sixth sense. I'll often say to Mike, "I have the feeling something is about to happen." I had that feeling in the days leading up to the 2013 game in Chicago. Aaron Rodgers was returning to the lineup. The division title was on the line. The air was thick with drama. I gotta tell you, I'm beginning to get a similar feeling for Sunday's game. I think we're going to look back on this game as one of those moments.

Ryan from Des Moines, IA

Vic, I'll be attending my first-ever Packers game this weekend, after following the team for the last eight years. Did I pick a good one to go to?

TCF Bank Stadium is going to be electric on Sunday, and it won't be because of Vikings fans only. I'm really excited for this game.

Bob from Brillion, WI

'Tis that time of year, again, Vic. When are the quotes from Christmas Vacation going to start hitting hard and heavy?

"Bleed all over 'em. Let 'em know you're there." Oh, wrong movie.

Josh from Loveland, OH

When the Packers take the field on Sunday, it will have been 35 days since they have won a game, but it will be the next 12 days that define the direction of the season.

It could, but I'm not sure of that, yet. I'll say this: I think the game against the Bears is going to be a lot more important than we thought it would be.

Mike from Sidney, IA

Vic, I laughed at Kirk Ferentz' press conference last week. A beat writer asked him to describe his Iowa team. Kirk's answer was "undefeated." Then and there I knew he is a faithful Vic reader.

He's a great coach and he tells great Joe Moore stories.

Matt from Madison, WI

In the pregame show before the Lions game, you weren't too sure about a Packers victory. What does your gut tell you about the game this coming Sunday?

I'm starting to get that feeling. I haven't gotten one of those headaches, yet, but I'm starting to get that old-time hockey feeling, if you know what I mean. I'm not going to wear my best khakis on Sunday. I'm going to wear a pair that already has stains.

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