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I want to get that feeling this Sunday

Pirates got it done at crunch time; Brewers didn't


Jon from Des Moines, IA

This is the Packers' third game on the road. I would imagine running the no-huddle offense is tougher on the road than at home. Why not go back to traditional play calling until we can get this machine up and running?

There's a sense among fans a team can do this one week, and do that the next week, and then do something else the following week. You can't be that multiple and be good at anything. You have to pick and stick. The Packers made decisions in the offseason by which they'll have to live. Most of all, they made decisions in the offseason they have to make work during the season. This isn't the time for change. This is the time for doing what you planned.

Blake from Astoria, NY

I just read the 9/24 article from Cliff Christl and I loved it! At 30 years old, it makes me envious of folks who got to witness stories such as these that occurred during times that have long since passed. Football is still a tough game for tough guys, but it seems that from what I read in his article and hear from my father's generation, there was just something tougher about the game back when.

Cliff's top two Packers-Bears stories are about a sucker punch and a cheapshot, but of the six Packers-Bears games I've covered, I haven't seen one fight. I couldn't get through the parking lot at a Steelers-Browns game without seeing a fight. One year, I looked down at a section of fans that was standing (that meant there was a fight) in old Cleveland Stadium, and my first wife was standing next to a fight pointing at a guy fighting with a Steelers fan, and my first wife was from Cleveland. I know fighting's a bad thing, but what about pointing and arguing? That would help me. I just see a bunch of people being nice to each other.

Jordan from Appleton, WI

Well, Vic, when the Packers win the Super Bowl at the end of the year, a lot of people are gonna be feeling really bad about what they're saying about the team right now.

No, they won't. They'll be giggling with joy along with all of the supportive fans. They'll say I'm a fan and I was frustrated. Boo hoo.

Christian from Copenhagen, Denmark

Vic, Matthews was on the sideline for most of the fourth quarter against the Lions, but I haven't read any news on him having any injuries. Do you have any information on him? We need him, Vic.

He was limited in practice yesterday with a groin injury. You're right. The Packers need him.

James from London, England

Vic, what are you looking forward to in the Bears game this weekend?

I'm looking forward to getting the feeling for this game that Mike McCarthy talks about. He talks about the ride down Lake Shore Drive on the day of the game, and the feeling he gets. I don't get that feeling, and I want to get it. Maybe this will be the game I get it.

Willie from Hayward, WI

You would think Wisconsin sports fans would have learned a lesson from our beloved Brewers. They were in first place from April 5 to September 1 and will go home before the playoffs. You can't win a championship early in the season, but if you don't eliminate yourself early, it is how you play at the end that counts. What do you think?

I think you get it. The Brewers beat the Pirates' brains in last spring. Last weekend, the Pirates put the final nail in the Brewers' coffin. The Pirates are going to the playoffs; the Brewers aren't. It's what you do at crunch time that counts.

Frank from Yamba, Australia

Vic, your column has increased my understanding and feel for the game. As well as following the Packers, I also follow both Rugby codes and AFL (Australian Rules). I thought all the despondent Packers fans may take heart from my AFL team, the Sydney Swans. They started 1-3, lost only one more game and take the MCG field on Saturday before 100,000 as favorites to win the Grand Final. The season has a long way to go yet.

The Swans?

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