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If you can, it's best to stay young

Good luck to Badgers fans tonight


Bill from Iowa City, IA

Vic, at what point is a player considered a veteran?

When a player is credited with an accrued season, he becomes a second-year player and that's when he becomes a veteran. Until then, he can be a rookie once, but a first-year player forever until he is credited with an accrued season.

Matthew from Thornton, CO

Vic, I love your work and perspective. I would love to see a letter written to the commissioner or an editorial on how Deflategate and the things going on in today's game are destroying what made the game great. Please tell us how to fix this; it's not right. I love this game and don't want to see it go away.

The fix is easy. Pete Rozelle invented the fix. Just do it as Pete did it. Work as one. It's called leaguethink and it made the league great.

Mason from La Crosse, WI

Do you think it would be a smart move to add a veteran in Wes Welker?

Sometimes you have to bring in a patch, but I firmly believe this is a young man's game and committing to the development of young players is a way to grow your roster and protect the future. I think the Packers have young receivers on the rise. I love an arrow pointing up.

Pamela from Greensboro, NC

Does Coach Vic keep Brett Hundley as No. 3 QB, even though you don't need a No. 3 QB, so GM Vic can have trade bait in a year or two?

You keep Hundley because he's a young player on the rise, and that makes your roster better. There's a wonderful feeling for a coach and a GM to know they have a young, ascending roster. It's a feeling of security and accomplishment. As long as you have that kind of roster, everything is fine. You won't win every game, and you won't win the Super Bowl every year, but you'll be a championship contender every year. Don't try to predict who you'll need and when you'll need them. Just collect good football players. Fate will determine their roles.

Ross from Hudson, WI

Vic, can a team compete for a championship with a defense that is a work in progress?

It can if it has "The Man." The Packers have "The Man."

Chad from Minneapolis, MN

Vic, I was surprised you called the Packers secondary one of the team's deepest positions. That seems like a bold statement considering we have two rookies in the mix. Have the young guys really been that impressive, considering they have zero NFL starts? What did you like that you witnessed in camp?

I saw young talent. Mike McCarthy referred to it a couple of times when he talked about defensive backs getting their hands on balls in this year's training camp. Forget about zero starts. Time will change that. Just be patient. These kids are going to grow.

Chad from Tarpon Springs, FL

How has coaching evolved since the days of Lambeau until now?


Today's coaches are the face of their franchise. They can't bury themselves in darkened film rooms. Everything they do is scrutinized, from the plays they call to the clothes they wear. The days of chain-smoking on the sideline are long gone. How'd you like to be the guy who'd have to tell Vince Lombardi how he has to dress? Picture Lombardi clothed in this year's sideline shirt du jour, the one with the yellow stripe up the back. Yeah, that's how coaching has changed. They still work long hours and wake up in the middle of the night thinking about blocking schemes, but their presence in the public eye has changed dramatically.**

Justin from Proctor, NC

Vic, is that how Lombardi won five titles and achieved as close to perfect execution as we've seen? Practice in the preseason instead of just survive? No wonder they ran the sweep so well, they practiced it twice a day for nine weeks and played six preseason games.

That's right. Today's coaches can't do that. The CBA and the salary cap won't allow them to do that.

Erik from Blue Island, IL

What is your non-biased prediction for the Week 2 game against the Seahawks? Do you feel this year will be the Packers finally defeating the Seahawks?

I don't make predictions, but that's the expectation – I hate that word. You're supposed to win at home.

Pat from Altoona, WI

Big game for Badgers fans tonight. What do you think of Bama's Reggie Ragland?

He's the kind of inside linebacker that can stay on the field for all three downs. That player is at a premium. Good luck tonight against Alabama.

Kurt from Sheboygan, WI

Vic, if there were one player on offense and one on defense you think the Hall of Fame has overlooked, who would they be?

Alex Karras and Ricky Watters.

Daniel from Cabo, Mexico

What do you think of trying to pick up Darnell Dockett?

It's cutdown time and I know my inbox is going to be full of what-do-you-think-of questions, as they'll pertain to recognizable names. Again, I believe it's a young man's game. I believe in committing to the development of young players. Sometimes you have to patch with an older player, but if you keep that to a minimum, you won't regret it. I think the Packers have young talent worthy of commitment.

David from Anchorage, AK

Vic, all things considered, is there any other place you would rather be?

From now until the end of the season, there is no place I'd rather be than in Green Bay covering this football team. Let me tell you where I don't want to be when the season ends: Anchorage, AK.

Travis from Fresno, CA

A team wants to trade for Hundley. What do you look for at a minimum?

Why does everyone want to trade this guy? He's a young quarterback on the rise with years left on his contract. Was it a mistake for the Falcons to trade a young quarterback on the rise? Sometimes my inbox drives me nuts.

Jeff from Fishers, IN

Who are your preseason offensive and defensive MVPs?

JC Tretter and Mike Pennel. Depth up front is of critical importance.

Paul from Beaver Dam, WI

Vic, the what stops now?

Not yet. Wait a week.

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