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Is the read-option craze already starting to fade?

Root for the Lions to beat the Bears on Sunday


Ryan from Platteville, WI

Vic, do you think the read option is already starting to die down? Defenses are better prepared for it this season, it seems, and multiple teams haven't been able to run it as effectively as last season.

Colin Kaepernick isn't as willing to run as he was last January, which suggests to me that Jim Harbaugh isn't completely sold on the read option. Kaepernick has only rushed 26 times for 140 yards through four games, and I don't know how many of those 26 rushing attempts are scrambles. I can't say it often enough to make people believe me when I say you don't win with scheme, you win with players executing the scheme. Yes, scheme is important because it puts players in positions to make plays, but the read option isn't about the read option, it's about the players executing the read option. Give defensive coordinators an offseason to teach their players how to defense something, and they will. That's what's happening and I think Harbaugh is smart enough to have known as much. Kaepernick's future isn't tied to the read option, it's tied to his ability to develop into a pure passer of the football. The read option is just that extra thing he can do.

Mike from Chisago City, MN

In this week's "Video Ask Vic," what was on Lambeau Field?

That's a hamstring injury prevention device. Just kidding. Those are the growing lights for the grass. We are approaching that time of the year when there is daylight for only 10 minutes a day.

Ben from Wauwatosa, WI

You say Packers and Steelers fans are total opposites. Can you elaborate? How would you describe each fan base?

Steelers fans are not winsome.

Andrew from Urbana, IL

Vic, how many questions do you receive on a regular basis? What are the odds that this post will be answered?

It's not likely. During the regular season, I receive about 300 e-mails a day. I can't answer more than a small percentage of what I receive, but I read them all.

Shane from Concord, CA

Do you think the NFL has figured out Kaepernick? If so, can we go back to beating the Niners as usual?

I saw something last night that confirmed what I thought I saw in the opener: He stares down his receivers, which is a typical shortcoming of young quarterbacks. In Kaepernick's case, however, it's critical that he learn the art of pump-faking and looking off defenders because he's got a long throwing motion that allows defenders to close on the ball when they know where it's going. He's got a great arm; the ball gets there in a hurry, and that's what's allowing him to have success right now, but he'll struggle against strong secondaries, such as Seattle's, if he continues to stare down his receivers. Terry Bradshaw could do it because he threw from the ear; Kaepernick reaches way back and shows a lot of ball for a long time.

Mike from Altona, Manitoba

Sorry, Vic, I'm with Jeff on this one. You try so hard to get good and then when you are, you're supposed to let them off the hook? Then there needs to be a mercy rule like in baseball.

So we need sportsmanship to be forced on us? That's encouraging.

Jeff from Chesapeake, VA

Vic, who should Packers fans want to win on Sunday, the Bears or Lions?

Root for the Lions. Bring the Bears back to the pack. You don't want them going out to 4-0 and breaking serve in Detroit on top of that.

Andrew from Marshall, WI

James Starks had his MRI on his knee on Monday. We have heard nothing. The Packers know the results. Why is nothing being released?

The team is not required to reveal medical information on its players until next Wednesday. Have a nice weekend, everyone. Watch some football, spend time with your family, relax knowing there's no chance the Packers will lose, check the tilt of your hips and be careful not to pull a hamstring.

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