It's official. We have football & Packer Fan Tours has your ticket to get to the games!

No more wondering and waiting.  World Champion Green Bay Packers football is on for 2011 and NOW is the time to plan your game trips to LAMBEAU or on the ROAD with PACKER FAN TOURS.  Great choices and value await you so book while you can.  Choices include Game Packages with hotel stays and a full weekend of activities or "Day of Game – Tailgate & Ticket" Packages.  All include game tickets of your choice and lots of options for fan activities and extras to suit your pleasure and your pocket book.  Want to meet players before the game…we have it all set for you.  HOME games include the opener against the Saints, Vikings, Bears and other key games.  On the ROAD, you can support the team in San Diego, Atlanta, New York, Carolina, Minnesota, Chicago and more.    Book now while PACKER FAN TOURS space and most choices are still available.  For DETAILS, call PACKER FAN TOURS at 920-PACKERS or CLICK HERE

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