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It's OK to feel good

Packers coaches star in win over Seahawks


Maxime from Messancy, Belgium

Like you always say, Vic, you win crunch time, you win the game.

Don't try to avoid it. Defeat it. The Packers have in consecutive games. It's what championship teams do.

Jesse from Mandan, ND

Nice game for Elliott and our offensive line. Not a good game for our coaching staff, in my humble opinion.

Whaaaat? Are you trying to drive me crazy? How could you say that? How could anybody think that? This is one of the best coaching jobs I have ever seen. I've never seen a team more focused. I've never seen a team combine focus and emotional energy better than the Packers did last night. What were you watching? What are you thinking? I saw scheme. I saw preparation. I saw adjustments. I saw game management – the field goal in the final seconds of the first half was the result of bold decision-making. Whatever it is that satisfies a fan, it was there. The Packers won yardage. The Packers won time of possession. The Packers won the turnover battle. The Packers got the early lead, and then the Packers rallied in crunch time. What could you possibly not like? You have completely frustrated me. Where's the Tylenol?

Benjamin from Madison, WI

Rodgers being healthy, this is the best team in the league, isn't it, Vic? When he can move like he did last night, he's better than anyone we've ever seen. We are extraordinarily lucky to be seeing this.

I thought the Packers were the best team last season, but the league doesn't give a trophy to the best team, it gives a trophy to the team that wins the Super Bowl. Just win, baby.

Pedro from Bage, Brazil

Vic, personal rivalry now?

It got a little personal with 6:50 to play last night, but we want this to be a rivalry so bad we're doing anything we can to make it one, and that includes media hype. What if these teams don't face each other again this season? The rivalry is over. I think we need to let this one alone for a while, and enjoy the rivalries we can count on twice a year, such as the Vikings. Maybe that's my rivalry. For whatever reason, that's the one I feel. I watched them against the Lions. The Vikings get after it on defense, and they have the star running back that complements the kind of football Mike Zimmer wants to play.

Marcus from Pleasant View, UT

Packers fans needed this victory. There was absolute relief in the comments sections after Elliott caused that fumble. What a great team win. No chortling after this one.

The joy Packers fans feel for this win is a direct result of the hurt they felt all offseason. This is a victory over hurt. That's the rivalry. It's the hate of hurt.

Zach from Pewaukee, WI

I noticed Gene Steratore provided explanations for most of the more complicated or potentially controversial calls and non-calls. Not like they owe us any reasoning, but it was still nice from where I sat to understand not just what the call was, but why. Is that a Steratore-specific thing, or something the league's trying to move toward doing more often?

Steratore is the king of explanation and the league loves it. He has a wonderful ability to use the fewest words to achieve the clearest and most concise explanation. He had a potential mess on his hands with the offsides, fumble and personal foul. Quickly, he sorted it all out and explained the offsides would be enforced and the personal foul would not. It's what he didn't say that spoke the loudest. Mike Spofford and I decided the personal foul against Mike Daniels couldn't be enforced without the Seahawks losing the ball on the fumble recovery. Enforcing the offsides froze the play right there. Steratore's my favorite referee.

Jeff from Hickory, NC

Vic, they switched it up in the fourth quarter, putting Cobb in the backfield. It seemed to open up the crossing routes. Just wondering if it was part of the game plan all along or was it because of Lacy not being able to return? Vic, you were spot on. We were the team that won the fourth quarter.

Here's Aaron Rodgers' explanation: "The second down play was huge (the 18-yard pass to Randall Cobb). We looked at the pictures on the sideline with Tom (Clements) and we talked about hitting that spot. They were playing a lot of weak coverage with their safety and we felt like if Randall (Cobb) could get a free release there was a hole in that zone there. We had second-and-15 after the false start, so we knew we needed something to get us going. We actually talked about, as the quarter changed, if we get this first down, let's go into our four-receiver package with Randall doing some stuff in the backfield, and that worked out for us."

Rohan from Madison, WI

How did Aaron Rodgers play during crunch time? Oh, yeah, he was perfect.

I don't need a long explanation to know what he did when it mattered the most. How could anybody accuse this guy of not being clutch?

Chris from Rochester, MN

During Mike McCarthy's postgame press conference, he said something about the grass being cut too short. Can you elaborate on that?

It was a joke, referring to Russell Wilson's ability to run.

Anthony from Baraboo, WI

Vic, I know the run defense gave up over 100 yards on the ground again this week, but it felt completely different. Why were we able to stop Lynch when Forte ran all over us?

Every game is different because every opponent presents different challenges. Marshawn Lynch is pure power. Matt Forte is more of a finesse back; he'll beat you out in space in the passing game. Against Forte, I saw a lot of two-gapping. Last night, I saw a lot of gap control. One size doesn't fit all.

Brian from Sheboygan, WI

I can't remember a regular-season game meaning so much to me or a fan base. The state of Wisconsin will sleep sound this week.

I knew Packers fans were hurt. I didn't know they were this hurt. They wanted revenge and they got it. If the Packers play the Seahawks again this season, Packers fans will be worried the Seahawks want revenge. It's so much fun covering this team.

Ben from Wauwatosa, WI

How much gloating in the inbox this morning?

It's not gloating. It's joy, it's relief, it's satisfaction. It's OK to feel good.

Del from Sterling, IL

Last week I asked if you thought the Steelers going for two fairly early was the chart or the new rule. I agreed when you said the chart. This week they go for two on their first two TDs of the game, both in the first quarter. That can't be the chart. Is this the first effects we're seeing of the new rule?

Mike Tomlin likes to do bold things to challenge his team. So he goes for two twice and takes a 16-0 lead. After they score a third time, he elects to kick and his kicker misses. Sometimes football can be comical. I said it right away: This PAT rules change is going to have a huge impact on the game. We ain't seen nothing, yet.

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