Jordy Nelson Selected As Finalist In The NFL's "Super Ad: Believe In Now" Campaign

Seven Green Bay Packers told their stories. Now, fans can help turn WR Jordy Nelson’s story into the NFL’s Super Bowl commercial at - More


"I grew up on the family farm. Worked all summer long in the hayfields. Had a dream to play football." - WR Jordy Nelson


Seven Green Bay Packers told their stories. Now, fans can help turn Jordy Nelson's story into the NFL's Super Bowl commercial at

Nelson and DE Jeremy Thompson were featured in a head-to-head competition against their rivals from the NFC North in the NFL's "Super Ad: Believe In Now" promotion, and Nelson has been selected as a finalist.

NFL Films traveled to NFL training camps and team facilities to capture the players' stories. Fans have had the opportunity to hear these unique tales and get an exclusive look at some of their favorite NFL players, such as:

-Jordy Nelson, who recalls his first NFL game, which was against the division rival Vikings on Monday Night Football.

-Jeremy Thompson, who describes getting drafted to the same team as his older brother.

Fans can visit the Packers section to also see: Desmond Bishop, Jarrett Bush, Nick Collins, Jermichael Finley and Brett Goode.

Four NFC stories, one from each division, were be selected to continue to the Championship Round where they will compete against four videos from the AFC as well as one wildcard video. The Championship Round runs from December 18, 2008 - January 4, 2009. Fans will have eighteen days to vote for their favorites with a Super Bowl appearance on the line.

Fans can visit the "All Videos" section to watch all 215 NFL players' stories posted on Fans will then watch the winning pitch, and the player who told it, during Super Bowl XLIII on Sunday, February 1 on NBC.

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