Jordy Nelson Training Camp Diary - Part I


*Rookie wide receiver Jordy Nelson is going through his first training camp in the NFL, and will check in with him periodically the next few weeks to get his thoughts and experiences in this training camp diary.

Nelson was a consensus All-America selection at Kansas State, and was one of three finalists for the Biletnikoff Award in 2007. He posted school records as a senior with 122 receptions for 1,606 yards after beginning his career with the Wildcats as a walk-on safety.*

The first few days of practice have gone well. We are getting back into the football life by getting back out on the field with the pads back on. It's been a smooth adjustment, so hopefully I'll just continue to progress in the game and continue to have good practices.

It's been a little bit of an adjustment from OTAs and mini-camp, but nothing too extreme. We're all used to playing in pads, but it's just different the first day you are actually hitting and have a little extra weight on. It will be a quick adjustment and you get used to it. Pretty soon you won't even realize they are there anymore.

I wasn't really nervous at all on the first day of training camp. Luckily we had the rookie camp, the OTAs and mini-camp to kind of knock those nerves out. It's business now; we're here to get better and learn the game at this level and hopefully get out on the field.

The veterans are great. I don't think we could ask for more, starting at the top with Donald Driver. Obviously he has been here for a while and knows quite a bit. He's been very nice about helping us out, teaching us little different things and just making us feel comfortable and having fun out there.

I think it's huge to have that with the veterans. It makes the transition that much better. You learn a lot faster and it just gives you the chance to get on the field quicker and help out the team. If you are trying to learn it all by yourself it might take a while, but when you've got vets, and we've got four or five of them here, that are willing to talk and just explain it and give you more insight because they have been on the field and seen it before and done it before, it's always helpful.

I think I need to continue to work on getting off against press coverage. Obviously we deal with that a lot going up against our own defense, but that's just something that I can continue to improve on, getting different ways to get off press. Polishing up my route running is another thing that I can work on. As long as you are playing receiver, you can always get better and learn different things.

With the Brett Favre situation, I wasn't here last year so I don't really know Brett. Obviously I have seen the coverage on TV; if you watch ESPN that is what they are talking about. Right now I am just focused on playing receiver. I've got a lot on my plate learning this playbook, getting comfortable and learning special teams. If I start worrying about other things, I'm going to be in trouble. I've got to focus on receiver and just do my job.

Everybody has experienced living in dorms going through college, so it's just another part of it. We'll be out in a couple of weeks. My roommate is Brian Brohm. We have been roommates ever since we have been up here during OTAs and mini-camp, so we have gotten to know each other quite a bit. By the time you hit your dorm room at the end of the day you are ready for bed.

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