Lambeau Field commemorative bricks and tiles relocated after stadium renovation


While games at Lambeau Field are done for the season, Packers fans visiting Lambeau Field during the offseason will still be able to enjoy stadium tours, the Packers Pro Shop, and other aspects of the Atrium's recent renovations.

For some, like lifelong Packers fan Susan Arndt of Weyauwega, a visit to Lambeau Field also allows for a visit to her personalized commemorative tile, which she purchased over a decade ago as part of the Lambeau Field Brick and Tile Sale.

The program allows for fans to purchase bricks or tiles for a range of prices and sizes in exchange for having a personalized inscription etched into the bricks and tiles at the stadium. The sale began in 2003 through the Brown County Stadium District, when Lambeau Field underwent its major stadium renovation project. The costs, which were originally aimed at offsetting the half percent sales tax for Brown County residents, are now directed into a fund to help with the stadium's maintenance and upkeep.

However, Arndt's tile, which she has always visited during trips to Lambeau Field, was recently moved to a new location to accommodate the renovations at the stadium.

As the renovations continue this offseason with the construction of the new Packers Hall of Fame and a new restaurant, many other fans who purchased Lambeau Field commemorative bricks or tiles in the last 12 years have had their mementos relocated because of the changes to the building.

With construction wrapping up this summer, fans will be able to see their bricks and tiles in different areas of the stadium. Arndt said she understood the movement of the tiles due to the recent construction, and after learning of its new location, she was excited to visit her tile during her next trip to Lambeau Field.

As a shareholder, Arndt said she believes that owning stock in the Packers is a meaningful way to be a part of the team, and owning a tile carries a similar sentiment.

"You've bought into the building itself and you're part of it forever," said Arndt.

When Arndt's mother passed away last year, Arndt was looking for a unique way to honor both of her late parents, and because she enjoyed having her own tile so much, she dedicated a new Lambeau Field tile in their memories.

"It's now a part of our family history," said Arndt. "My children and grandkids can go and feel proud that we're a part of Lambeau Field."

Tiles located on stadium's outside wall on the west side facing Ridge Road will be inaccessible until summer, as construction trailers remain parked in that area. Following the completion of the Atrium renovations this summer, all bricks and tiles will again be accessible for viewing by fans.

"It's wonderful that we can give our fans an opportunity to be a part of the legacy of Lambeau Field," said Diane Roskom of the Brown County Stadium District, who helps conduct the brick and tile sale. "With their names and messages etched into the bricks of the stadium, they can always be reminded of how much the team appreciates their dedication and support over the years."

Fans seeking more information about the brick and tile sale can visit Those looking for where their tiles or bricks can be found following the atrium renovations can ask Packers staff at the guest relations desk in the Atrium or call 888-422-7425 (888-GBBRICK).

By Katie Hermsen,

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