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Lions fan says Packers cheated

Packers continue pace to peak performance


Edwin from San Bernardino, CA

Vic, let the real NFL season begin. The way the offense and the defense are playing, with special teams starting to fix their mistakes, give me any team in the league, especially the Seahawks. By the way, could the team not peak at a better moment than now?

This team has been expertly managed and paced. It's almost according to a script.

Lance from Chicago, IL

Years from now, will people remember Rodgers' 1-yard rushing TD the same way we do for Starr's infamous run?

Easy, now, easy.

Austen from Ravenna, Ontario

Vic, I believe I have just graduated from your school of perspective. When Rodgers went down with his calf injury, my instant reaction was not panic or fear, but excitement at the drama it added to the story of the game. Did I get my diploma?

You sure did, and you graduated with honors.

Marcus from Copenhagen, Denmark

Vic, your "Final Thoughts" prediction came through right on the money.

Nailed it!

Carmen from Vicksburg, MI

How can you say you won Sunday's game? The refs are taking money under the table for making all those calls against the Lions. As far as we're concerned, the Lions won and the Packers are cheaters.

Wait, I'll get my violin.

Andrew from West Allis, WI

Vic, I'm chortling.

Oh, wonderful.

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