Majkowski Honored By Hall Of Fame Call


For six seasons in the late '80s and early '90s, a young quarterback played his way not only into the starting lineup for the Green Bay Packers, but also into the hearts of faithful Packer fans with his exciting brand of play, full of effort and gritty determination.

This summer, that brash, young quarterback - Don Majkowski - will join a select group of Green Bay legends when he is inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.

The honor is something Majkowski said is the greatest achievement of his athletic career and he admitted that he was surprised when he heard the news.

"To be honest with you, I was pleasantly surprised," he said when asked about his reaction. "I was very surprised and I was very humbled by it. It's by far the most prestigious honor that I've ever received as a professional athlete and the most special award I'll cherish most deeply."

Majkowski ranks fifth all-time in passing yards in Green Bay history with 10,870 yards and in 1989 led the Pack to their first 10-win season in 17 years, but when asked for his most memorable moment from his playing days with the Packers, the 'Majik Man' replied with an answer that would surely be on tips of the tongues of Packer fans everywhere.

"As far as games were concerned, there's a lot of memorable ones but obviously my most memorable one and my defining moment as a Green Bay Packer will always be the 'Instant Replay game' against the Chicago Bears," Majkowski said.

"That game just had such a significant meaning to the Packer fans because we hadn't beaten the Bears in eight games, in four years. The Bears were always such a dominating team in the '80s, and to finally end the streak of being dominated by the Bears at home, on the last play of the game, in such dramatic fashion really was pretty special.

"To have a touchdown called back and have it reviewed for four minutes, then have the referees reverse the call and to win a game on a play like that - to this day, it's still one of the most memorable games in Lambeau Field's history. So it's an honor to be a part of that. It's great to be remembered by the Packer fans, even if it's for one play. If it's one play, that's better than no plays."

The on-field memories only tell part of the story Majkowski carries with him more than 12 years after taking his final snap in a Packer uniform. The quarterback recalled with great joy the cheers of the Lambeau Field fans, cheers he still hears when he returns to Green Bay to work as a television analyst these days.

"I had an opportunity to go play for two other organizations after I left Green Bay, and the experience - I was still fortunate to be playing in the NFL, but the fan support and the loyalty and allegiance of the Green Bay Packer fans to their organization - you can't compare it to any other place. There's such allegiance and it's just such a special place.

"You should be very lucky and honored to be able to play for such an organization, and I realize that now. And I did as a player - I never took anything for granted - but when football's over and said and done with and you reflect back on your career, and then when you come back as a former player and you can still see the reception when you come back and how much they appreciate your efforts during your time as a player, it's really special and it makes you feel wonderful. It's a great feeling and it's a great honor to be a part of that family."

Looking ahead to July's induction ceremony, Majkowski is looking forward to enjoying the ceremony with the Packer family. He expects to have many people to thank and said he's still bowled over by the thought of the recognition.

"It's a huge honor. There are so many great athletes in the there. It's such a great tradition to be part of the Packers Hall of Fame. There are so many great players, and to be included in that group is very special.

"I just want to express my sincere appreciation for this honor and let the organization, and the Hall of Fame committee, and all the fans know that this is something that I am very proud of and I will always cherish."

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