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Maybe Julius Peppers will be even better in 2015

Rules changes too many, too often


Claude from Denver, CO

I've been watching clips and reading about Aaron Hernandez's trial. I think there's a slim possibility he will get off. What factors would stop him from coming back?

Public opinion has never mattered more than it does now.

Steve from Preston, UK

Vic, do you think Tramon Williams giving up that overtime touchdown had anything to do with us letting him go? Did it highlight he might have lost a step due to age? Did it tell the personnel department we need a younger model?

One play? No. Williams leaving in free agency was about price point and what the Packers were willing to pay. As far as needing a younger model, that's always an issue with players approaching 10 years in the league. It's a young man's game.

Joseph from Raleigh, NC

Vic, why do any Packers fans want to sign Welker? We have, in my opinion, the best slot receiver in the game and a promising, young slot receiver in Abbrederis, so why would you want to spend valuable cap room on an aging guy with a history of injuries that would likely be a downgrade from the current players?

At the risk of the Packers signing Welker and causing my head to spin on my shoulders, I will tell you this might be the most imbecilic topic discussed in this forum's 15-year history. This makes the invisible paint discussion appear scientific. The guy that started this insanity is likely reading this column and laughing uncontrollably.

Del from Sterling, IL

Vic, is there any reason to believe Julius Peppers may not be as effective as he was in his first year with the Packers?

At some point age is going to get him, but if that doesn't happen this year, what's the chance Peppers will be even more effective than he was last season? He's had a chance to settle in at his new position; maybe he's got another gear left in him.

Jason from Waupun, WI

Does the repetition wear on you after a while? It's the same year in and year out. Why don't they pick up the big-name free agents? Why don't they grab the overpriced guy I recognize? Are they going to trade every pick they have for the guy I think is the solution to one of several problems the team has? Why don't they fire everyone? Why don't they hire everyone? Why don't they sign everyone to a lifetime contract?

Why didn't McCarthy run the ball? Why didn't McCarthy pass the ball?

Ed from Henryville, IN

Vic, do you think the Packers could play the old Tom Landry flex defense and use it productively? Why or why not? You've been around the game awhile. Seems like as effective as it was, nobody else has ever used it. Why?

The flex is an off-the-ball defense, and that doesn't mesh with today's principles of run defense, which are based on holding the point of attack or penetrating and disrupting. The flex was designed expressly to stop the Packers sweep. It did that by dropping defensive linemen off the ball to create better pursuit angles. Nobody uses the flex these days for the same reason teams don't use the Packers sweep; the sweep was a slow-developing play that allowed for creative pursuit, and this is not a slow-developing game anymore. The flex, essentially, is a zone run defense. Today's game is all about beating your man off the ball, getting into the backfield and disrupting the flow of the play, or in a two-gapping scheme it's about defensive linemen eating blocks so the linebackers can penetrate and disrupt.

Thomas from Alachua, FL

Vic, I agree with sudden death OT, however, I would like to see both teams get a chance at possession.

If both teams get a possession, it's not sudden death. I can't help but wonder how history would've recorded the 1958 title game and Johnny Unitas had the Colts received the OT kickoff (the Giants did) and scored, and the Colts defense then clinched the win by stopping the Giants after Alan Ameche scored.

Jeffeory from Bloomington, IL

When should we expect compensatory pick announcements this year?

They were announced at about this time a year ago, so I would expect they might be announced next week.

Barton from Tulum, Quintana Roo

It really creeps me out to read the only Packers player to have played on another NFL team is Julius Peppers. I know Green Bay is a small town, but is this a team or a cult? A leader like Wes Welker, who has played in Miami, Boston and Denver, would go a long way in the leadership category. He has played with Brady and Manning. What do you think about this?

I think I'm losing my mind.

Micah from Borden, Saskatchewan

I disagree with your opinion the proposed changes to overtime would be a sellout to the offensive side of the ball. If both teams have a possession, then both teams have to play defense as well. I think both sides having a possession would allow the more rounded team to win. Isn't that a good thing?

Maybe we could get that bartender to flip a switch so the game can continue until we finish our beer.

Todd from Rochester, NY

Vic, why were you never a GM? We could've used you in the years before Wolf.

I agree.

Tyler from Palmer, MI

How many times must the Packers be beaten with last-second plays and other such nonsense before they learn how to close out games?

Closing out games is difficult. Ask the Seahawks.

J.J. from Cape Coral, FL

I hope you are doing well. I really enjoy your view points. But really, Vic, why do you keep whining about rules changes?

It's because they are too many and too often. We're not allowing the game to evolve; we're forcing it to evolve. I understand the need to force change as it pertains to player safety, but the mania for proposing rules changes is out of control. Extend the uprights, change replay review and overtime; why? Are these issues really a problem? Why do the Patriots feel compelled to submit rules-change proposals every year? What's wrong with the game the way it is? Hey, you're its champion. Why change something you've mastered?

Rick from Shawano, WI

Are you packed and gone yet? No, my plane doesn't leave for the meetings in Phoenix until late this afternoon. Oh, that's not what you mean, is it?

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