Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conf. Transcript - Nov. 28


Ok I'll start with the injuries. Patrick Lee re-injured the same ankle and did not return, Spencer Havner had a hamstring injury and did not return, Dimitri Nance suffered a concussion and did not return, and Brandon Chillar re-injured the same shoulder and did not return.

(This was a game that could have gone either way, what did you think the difference was?)
We felt coming in here it was going to be a 60 minute football game, and that's clearly what it was and Atlanta made one more play than we did. We need to do a better job of making one more play than the other team in these close games. Atlanta won the field position battle, we had the one turnover in the red zone and they had obviously the big return there at the end, [and those were] all big plays in the game.

(Can you talk a little bit about the five receiver sets and Aaron Rodgers running out of those and what that helped set up?)
Really, we played them up at Lambeau Field two years ago and they played us with a lot of coverage against those sets, and they actually pressured more today than we've seen of late. We think it is something we do a very good job of playing on this fast surface here at the dome, we liked our match-ups and I thought Aaron did a very good job of handling the pressure and also handling the three-man rush.

(On the quarterback sneaks, we both of those called by you?)
One was a check, the first one was a check, the second one was called.

(What did you think happened or what did you hear from Aaron about the second one?)
I didn't really talk to Aaron about the second one; he hit his funny bone on the play. Upstairs we felt we had the apex in the A-gap, but the ball came out on the initial hit, was the information I was given.

(Some of the penalties today were certainly costly, how frustrating are those?)
The pre-snap penalties are unacceptable. The personal foul, that's a discipline penalty, you can't have those types of things. It comes down to, you talk about making one more play than your opponent in this type of game, and the big penalty there at the end, it was 15 yards and that's big field position.

(What did you think of your tackling today?)
We missed some tackles, but I thought it was a good, solid effort from our defense. It was [also] a solid effort from the offense. There are some things we're going to correct tomorrow as a football team, fundamentally, that we've been doing very good coming into this game that we did not do as good today, and we'll correct those and get ready for San Francisco.

(How much confidence do you have in your short-yardage running game?)
Short yardage? Well the third-and-one in the goal line, I actually tried to call a timeout, that's a bad play selection on my part, the first third-and-one down there where we kicked the field goal. They substituted to a goal line defense late and frankly, I didn't like what I saw in some of the running game, and we felt very good about the match-ups we had outside, so that's why we went with so much spread.

(On the fourth down reception Gonzalez made, were you ever given an indication that it might not have been caught?)
It came too late.

(Did the coaches upstairs have a chance to see that? The televisions where we were, were late on that.)
They got the information, but it is always a little different when you're on the road. I don't know how it is where you guys sit.

(Did any of the players see it?)
The information that I was given was late.

(Where do you think this leaves you seeing as it was an opportunity to really make a statement in the NFC?)
It was a big NFC game. At 7-4, we still have a lot of football in front of us, but we need to get this next one, because now we're into December football. There are no redo's or 'Hey, we can get 'em next week.' We've been playing good football, and we did a lot of positive things today, a lot of positive play from a number of different players. You have to play big at the adverse times in the game. We talk about adversity playcalls on offense, we talk about playing adversity defense – and actually, we've been playing outstanding adversity defense throughout the year – and the big play on special teams definitely hurt us there at the end.

(Do you feel like you left some points out there today?)
We fumbled on the one-yard line, it cost us points. We knew it was going to be limited series; they're going to run the football, shorten the game, there's a reason why they didn't go no-huddle. We knew it was going to probably be in the 20's type of football game, I'm not surprised in the way the game went. You have to be more disciplined than the Atlanta Falcons, and they made one more play than we did.

(On Gonzalez's touchdown, was there a breakdown there with the coverage responsibility?)
It was a double-move. He ran a double-move route and beat us on the route.

(How did you feel about Aaron's performance today?)
I thought Aaron Rodgers played huge today. He had the one play he wishes he could have back, but just the way he played with his feet, extended plays, handled their pressure, the no-huddle and the operation of the huddle, he did an outstanding job. You want to walk away with victories, No. 1, but that was probably one of his better individual performances.

(It looked like you guys had a fast tempo going when you had the ball. What did you like about using that style of play against Atlanta?)
Well, we feel it's a strength of ours. We spent a ton of time on the no-huddle throughout the spring and throughout the summer. We just never got to it early in the season because of all of the change that was going on with our personnel. We feel it is something that we do very well, being able to get the best play available mentality at the line of scrimmage. Aaron had a package and did a great job running it.

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