Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Sept. 16

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Okay, I'll start out with our injuries. Tony Palmer had a stinger and did not return. Chad Clifton had an ankle and did return.

(What was the difference for you today offensively, especially in the second half?)

Well, first I thought we got into a rhythm early. We wanted to come into the game and start fast in the first quarter, especially it's so important to do that on the road with the atmosphere we were coming into here in New York. I thought we got off to a good rhythm early, and we hit a patch there in the second quarter. Our protection, we had penetration in our run game and I felt like we did a good job of adjusting that for the most part, particularly in pass protection, and our guys played extremely well in the second half.

(Seems like Brett got better as the game went on, particularly on that 9-for-9 touchdown drive)

I thought he was very sharp. Once again, we cleaned up the pass protection in the second half and it enabled him to get back here and deal the football, and that's what we wanted to do in the game plan, spread it around. I think our players did a good job, particularly our perimeter players, with the yards after the catch. The running backs also did a nice job there, too. That's the kind of rhythm you like to play with on offense.

(Is that what you've come to expect from him?)

Well, I mean he's done this for a long time. He's very bright, has a ton of experience, and that's what you like to tap into in the line of scrimmage - staying in favorable down and distances and keeping him in clean plays where he can deal the football.

(Is this the most complete game this team has played under you?)

I think it's clearly one of them. I thought the special teams once again was very good. I thought the big hit they made and the fumble recovery really gave us a chance to pull away in the football game. Hey, we still got a lot of work to do. We're 2-0 and we'll continue to work as we move on to San Diego.

(You finished well last year - how important was to keep momentum going?)

It's very important - you want to win 'em all. We got six in a row now, and our guys, their confidence is building. I think that's very important, but still we have work to do. There were a number of things that happened in that game that we can learn from and we will learn from this week. (I'm) very happy with the way we started and finished the game.

(DeShawn Wynn really stepped up today. What did you think of his performance?)

Yeah, he had two touchdown runs. I thought the second one was huge. Just the particular situation that we were in at the time, the recognition of what he saw defensively and getting the ball to the edge like he did and break the open-field tackles. I think we're getting a better understanding and better comfort - I know I am in calling the plays with the three running backs and putting them in positions to be successful. I was very happy with the running back group as a whole.

(Did you go in trying to get the tight ends involved or did it just happen that way?)

No, that was the intention. I think if you look at what we did and how we did it when we were dealing the ball, we didn't go out and say 'hey, we're trying to throw it to one guy all day'. We were just really staying in favorable plays, keeping clean plays and let the quarterback do the rest.

(What's with Holiday? Does he need surgery?)

It's his knee, and that's something we'll discuss down the line. He's on I.R. and there's swelling in his knee and they're going to look at that further.

{sportsad300}(What did you do to clean up the protection?)

More fundamentals. The line movement, things we really didn't handle in the run and the pass protection in that spurt there in the second quarter. I thought our guys did a good job in the part where Chad Clifton went out of the game, and we just bounced over and actually we had Tony Palmer go out and we moved the two guys around. We stayed in things, basic protections, and I thought the three-step game helped us also throwing the football. There was no big scheme adjustment or anything like that.

(You've got six in a row now - do you think people will start to pay more attention to this team?)

I'm getting way too much attention right now and I never wanted to be this popular. We're 2-0 and we've got a long ways to go. We're a football team that's got a lot of improvement ahead of us, and if no one notices, I'm fine with that. We play San Diego at home this week and we're really focused in taking it one game at a time because of the things we need to improve on.

(Do you think it's energized Brett more to see the way this team is playing?)

I think he brings great energy to the workplace every day. I've never known him not to. He's having fun and it looked like he had a heck of a day today.

(Brett became the all-time winningest quarterback today - how much do you guys talk about that during the week?)

We didn't talk about it during the week. We gave him the game ball after the game. The "all-time" in anything in this league is such a monumental achievement. So, he was given the game ball. 149 victories - I think that speaks for itself.

(Is that the ultimate thing for a quarterback - wins and losses?)

I think it's wins. I know there's a lot to make of statistics and the touchdowns. I think it's clearly wins. When you go out and win over that long of a period of time, I think that's the ultimate compliment a quarterback can have. To me, if you asked me what is the biggest record that he will achieve, I think he just accomplished it.

(He doesn't play like a 38-year old quarterback?)

I don't think so. He takes great care of himself, still has fresh legs, can still throw with the best of them, so he's got a lot left in his tank.

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