Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Aug. 3

(What's your reaction to the report that Favre is not coming back?)
I really don't have any reaction. … Report, rumors, …

(How's Justin Harrell doing?)
Justin's had a very good camp so far. The quality of film I've been pleased with. Visiting last night with Mike Trgovac, just going through the individual reps and the progress of our defensive line. He's overcome some heat issues the last two practices, and he's putting together a good camp so far.

(How happy are you with the tight end depth?)
Tight end depth, I'll tell you what. We have five individuals that can play. It's a very competitive position battle for us. I just really like the progress of Jermichael Finley. Donald Lee is the vet of the group and he has a complete understanding of what we're trying to do. All five of them have the flexibility to play all three of our tight end positions, both in-line and in the displaced formations that they've been using. 'Drew is coming on. He's a rookie. He has some natural football instincts. It's going to take a little time for him. Spencer has come off his injury strong, and I think Tom has clearly made the most progress of anybody in that group. Very pleased. I love the tight end position and I love these five guys we have.

(Last year you kept three fullbacks because you felt they all deserved a spot. Could you do something similar at tight end because of the depth?)
When I view offensive personnel, particularly in the perimeter position, the fullback and the tight end position, the way we train our players, there's a lot of carryover. With that, you have eight men fighting for those positions, whether it's three fullbacks and three tight ends or four tight ends and two fullbacks, however that combination works out. Obviously the halfback depth factors into that. Everything we do is based on body type and the ability in those particular assignments and responsibilities that they give us a lot of flexibility, because that's what you need. Once you get to the season, you want to have the weekly flexibility in your game plans because you don't ever want to go into a game where you're potentially one injury away from being out of a personnel group. That's something that is very important in the way we go about game-planning defenses.

(What's Newhouse's status?)
Newhouse suffered a concussion yesterday, so he will be out today. He'll be out tonight. Obviously he was out this morning, and he is going through the medical process.

(What's the value of a practice like this after going hard the first few days?)
The first two weeks of training camp we have always gone through an installation phase, and that is no different this year. Our first four practices, we really pushed them more. The reps are up to prior years by design, so with that the first install is we went through the normal down-and-distance in the first two practices, third-down emphasis in the third practice, and then red zone in the fourth practice. This gives us an opportunity to go back and review all of the things that we felt we needed to hit again in those four practices. I think we do a very good job in these teaching type practices. We have a jog-through type pace, a lot of teaching, a lot of correcting, so we'll be able to move onto an installation this afternoon to get back into the installation phase for tonight's practice.

(Will you know more about Atari's ankle later tonight?)
Atari is traveling this morning to Dr. Anderson down there, I think it is North Carolina. So we should probably have some more information by tomorrow I would expect.

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