Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Dec. 10

(What was the extent of Charles' work today?)
Charles just went through the jog-through today. Very optimistic about him playing on Sunday.

(Still need to test him out at all tomorrow?)
We will not practice tomorrow.

(Early in the week when it happened, how big of a scare was that?)
When you're dealing with Charles Woodson and injuries, you never get too nervous, because he's always showed up. That's what history tells you when it comes with him overcoming things like that. The concern level was never very high based on the communication with Charles and the medical staff. I think he'll be fine for Sunday.

(When did Jordy get hurt?)
This is just an ongoing situation with Jordy, Jordy's foot that he's dealing with. He'll be fine to go on Sunday.

(Chad's fine?)
I anticipate Chad Clifton will play Sunday.

(When you watch tape of the rookie Suh, what jumps out at you?)
Playing him in Week 4 and now playing him this week, I think he definitely has improved as far as his individual performance. He's doing some things more natural going into this game in my opinion based on going into the first game. More comfortable with the scheme, he's been very productive. His statistics support that. I think he's clearly an anchor of that defensive line, which in my opinion is a strength of their defense and maybe even a strength of their football team. He's off to a good start. He'll be a challenge for us this week.

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