Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Dec. 2

(How did Jennings look, and is that an injury that could linger for a while?)
Actually I thought Greg looked well today. I'm sure he's somewhere between limited and full. He took team reps. Maybe he didn't take as many as he normally does. I didn't count them specifically, but I talked to Greg at length. I fully anticipate him going Sunday, and it's just something that he's dealing with.

(Feet for a wide receiver are important, but you're not real worried?)
He's not concerned, I'm not concerned.

(Is Nance out of the woods with his concussion, and if so, how does that affect Starks?)
Dimitri has completed the process and practiced today, and we'll have Dimitri and James pretty much compete throughout the week, and we'll address that at the end of the week.

(Is it possible both could be up?)
Anything can happen, as we know, through the course of a week of preparation.

(You want to see what Starks can do, but the fact that he hasn't played in a game since Jan. 3, 2009, how does that factor in?)
I think for James Starks to play in the game, you have to trust your practice environment because that's all the preparation he has. That's the facts. If James is ready to play, if we feel that he is ready to play and contribute to us winning the game, that's when he'll play, and that's the bottom line.

(Regardless whether he beats out Nance, do you feel he's at that stage?)
If I feel that he can help us win the game, he'll be in the game.

(At any time this year do you expect Matthews to be able to practice, or do you plan to keep holding him out at least twice a week?)
The early indication is it's probably going to be a season-long issue with Clay. That's why we've taken the approach we have here in the last couple weeks.

(Do you see it affecting him at all on Sunday?)
I think it will help him playing on grass, because definitely there's some irritation that goes on with the injury each week. Being on grass, and we have the two FieldTurf games next week, Detroit and New England, and then grass after that.

(How about Bigby and Smith?)
Making progress. I think they're stretched to make it this week, but they're both making progress. Friday is a big examination. Every Wednesday and Friday – it seems like I answer this question every Thursday – but tomorrow will be a big day.

(You've got Cullen on the injury report with the calf, but how different does he look without that cast? It looked like that sack on Sunday is one he would not have been able to get with the club.)
I agree. His ability to utilize both hands is important, especially with his style of play. He's so quick and explosive. He's a penetrator most of the time, whether we're stunting, and even when he's the looper. Also the ability to grab, I think it's obvious. I think it definitely gives him a chance to get back to 100 percent.

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