Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Oct. 29


(What did you get out of Cullen today?)
Cullen Jenkins went through a rehab session and did some limited work with his position coach. Really, I haven't had a chance to talk to Mike Trgovac after practice. Just like we always do … I'm running a little late today, but we'll have our game management meeting and we'll discuss the inactives. We have a little more gray area this week than the norm, so most likely most of those decisions will be made tomorrow.

(Would you say you're more optimistic with Jenkins than with Pickett?)
I don't have all the information.

(Would you characterize today as testing Jenkins out?)
No, we wanted to push it. We pushed it with the individual work. It was a two-step process, A, to get over the first hurdle with the strength coaches, and he did that, and we took him through the individual drill work.

(How did Howard Green look? He was pretty exhausted when he came in yesterday.)
Howard's had a long two days, no doubt about that. But he had an opportunity to meet with Mike Trgovac last night, and there's definitely some carry-over. He has history in the defense with Dom Capers in Houston. I thought he did a nice job today. Our Friday practice is pretty limited.

(Is it safe to say he'll be active?)
I think it's a safe bet.

(Where are you at with Al and Atari?)
We'll finalize that tomorrow. But, Al Harris, I will not bring him up tomorrow. Atari I'm still looking at. It will be another week for Al.

(Is that more physical or because of roster considerations?)
It's just when I think they're ready. I'm sure they think they're ready. But when it's time for them to come up, it will clearly be the head coach's decision.

(Driver's OK?)
Donald looked good today. We practiced him in a limited fashion. Really, what he's going through with his quad, we'll see how he feels in the morning. I think he's in the same place as he was this time last week. I look for him to recover and be fine in the morning.

(The two days off did him good?)
Absolutely. He feels better.

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