Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Oct. 6

(With eight guys not practicing, any difficulty getting through practice?)
It was a challenge today getting through practice, but I thought the tempo was good. We were able to get through all of our work, but we were definitely short, that's for sure.

(What happened to Tauscher and how concerned are you?)
Mark has a shoulder sprain. He was injured in the game on the field goal. He's feeling better. He's much better today than he was on Monday, so we'll watch how he progresses.

(Is Chad Clifton the usual?)
Chad Clifton is on his normal week. He'll go tomorrow in the padded practice.

(Have you guys determined how serious the injuries to Barnett and Chillar are?)
I would put them in the same category. They are both getting second opinions, gathering more information. That is something that is probably going to go on through the week.

(Does Collins' knee go back to the same injury?)
Correct. He's on the exact same practice plan as he went through last week.

(Is there a possibility you could miss Barnett for an extended period of time?)
Yeah, there is definitely a possibility. That's why there is more information being gathered in Nick Barnett's case. He's been here every day getting treatment and he is going to see another doctor on Friday.

(Is Chillar's injury bad enough that you don't think you will have him again this week?)
I think it is doubtful that we will have Brandon this week. Thanks for getting that out of me on Wednesday.

(Are you worried about Chillar's injury being a season-ending one?)
No, not at this point. That's not the information I have been given. That's why we are going the route that we are going. It's a shoulder injury that has occurred to the same shoulder he has injured in the past. Hey, we've got to get all of the information that we can, and that's what we are doing.

(Who are you going to go with at safety for Burnett?)
We're working a couple of different combinations. We have Charlie Peprah, hopefully he'll be able to get back, and Derrick Martin and potentially Jarrett Bush, who has spent time back there.

(You know how passionate the fan base is here and they are looking at the Lynch and Moss trades. What do you say to people to re-assure them that you are going to stay the course?)
I think it is very obvious we are staying the course. I'm more concerned on getting my football team prepared to win a game in Washington. We have a number of players that are going through a health spurt. It's been kind of our case really since the second week of training camp. The one thing we have been around here is consistent, so we're staying the course and we're getting our football team ready to win games. As far as player acquisitions that go on through the course of the year, I've never taken questions on them in the past and won't answer any today because it is really not in my focus. Our focus is on getting better. We need to improve as a football team. I like a lot of the things I saw today, some things we had to repeat and start over, and we are going to get our work done. We have improved each year as the season went on and we need to do the same this year.

(You guys have been really good in the red zone so far this year. Can you explain your success there?)
Our red-zone success, I think it says a number of different things. It probably starts up front. The protection has been good down there. The quarterback has had room to throw. In the Detroit game, on the third down to Jermichael, I don't know if you can really defend that. The point I'm making is the players are on the same page. Starting with the planning, I think the ability to play in tight spots and play faster with our weapons down there has been a plus so far this year. We felt that we needed to run the ball better coming off of last year's study. So you want to be balanced, but I just think our perimeter group starting with the protection, the quarterback and the timing has picked up.

(Where do you see Nance fitting in and what are your plans for him?)
I'd like to get Dimitri Nance started this week if I could. It didn't happen last week really because of the way the game was going, 21 plays there at halftime and then up at 45. He will play more on special teams. I feel he did some good thigns on special teams. He just needs experience. Everything that we've asked him to do since his arrival from Atlanta has pretty much been different. There's usually two ways to do things in the game of football from a scheme, technique standpoint, and we've kind of, as far as our terminology on offense, how we do things on punt protection, I think he's improving each week with the reps he's been getting.

(Can you talk about the challenges with Donovan McNabb?)
Donovan, number one, he's played at a championship level in this league for a long time, and he has the ability to play from in the pocket and out of the pocket. That's the way I always look at a quarterback when I'm breaking him down. You look at what he can do in the pocket, what his strengths are, how they use him in the pocket. Mike Shanahan and Kyle have always done an excellent job with the movement package. I always thought that was a real strength of what they've done both in Denver and Houston, and he fits that package very well. Their particular quarterback movement package will be a challenge for our defense. And hey, we haven't done a very good job to date of stopping the quarterback running in passing situations, so we have to make sure our rush lanes are intact and we keep Donovan in the pocket.

(With Aaron having five interceptions through four games, have you seen any recurring theme with those?)
You break them down, and you go through them. The two at the top of your head is when you throw a Hail Mary right before halftime, I think the receivers could have done a better job competing for that ball in Chicago. And then the one to Greg, you're going to have interceptions like that. But the other three you probably want to look closer at and evaluate. I'll just say this, and I'll tell you what I told the team today. Minus-1 turnover ratio ain't getting it here in Green Bay. We need to get that turned around. For as much time as we spend practicing it and the emphasis and what we believe in as a core fundamental component of our success around here, we're minus-1 after four games, so we need to turn that around starting this week.

(Do you think you're getting enough from your defense?)
I think our takeaways are close. We've got too many giveaways. I think that's obvious. We've given the ball away way too much.

(When you say the interception to Jennings, you mean that 50-50 ball?)
Correct, yes.

(Would you feel comfortable with Bulaga at right tackle?)
We're going to work Bryan at both tackles, and also T.J. Lang. That's the way we've been planning for these types of situations. That's why Bryan's been up on the 45, and T.J. technically is 46. So that's our rep count.

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