Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Sept. 9


(What happened to Mike Neal?)
Mike Neal had a strain of his abdomen yesterday, right at the end of practice. We were watching him today. He went through treatment, and we'll see where he is in the morning.

(Did Bishop have a setback yesterday?)
Just felt something, so we put him back in the rehab group, and we'll see where Desmond stands tomorrow.

(Same for Underwood?)
Brandon's getting better. I'm very encouraged with the progress he's made. Tomorrow's evaluations are usually the biggest, as far as their availability for Sunday.

(Was that the plan with Brandon, to back him off today?)
Just really medically, they drive the activity for all of the players. It was more what they were trying to accomplish with Brandon from a rehab standpoint.

(There's a report you agreed to an extension with Charles. Can you talk about that, or about how you've seen him evolve in his time here and how important he is to you guys?)
Charles Woodson is an outstanding football player for us and has been so his whole time here. But as far as his contract situation, I'm aware of the talks but I have nothing to officially report as of right now.

(I remember you having a lot of long conversations with him early on. How has your relationship with him evolved?)
Year 1 was different than Year 5. He has really grown in the community. I know he likes it here. It has been neat to watch him go through some exciting things in his personal life, but he has been an outstanding football player for us since Day 1. I think the new defense really highlights his skills and his abilities. I really like the working relationship he has with Dom Capers and Joe Whitt. I would look at him as a team captain. I know we don't have team captains, but he is very well-respected in the locker room and has done a great job for the Green Bay Packers.

(Do you think he will be on a veteran's schedule at some point this year?)
We'll see where he is medically. Just very conscious with Charles, especially when the players get up in seven- or eight-plus years is really a line that I use that I really refer to the medical staff. But at some point, like we have in the past, we will definitely start watching his reps.

(How long do you think he could play?)
He is in great shape. He really came into training camp in great shape. He looks like he did the last three years. Stay healthy, God willing, and he is instinctive and tough as they come, so I don't see any drop-off at all.

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