Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 16

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(Is Rory Johnson a guy you want to take a good look at the next couple of games?)

We'd definitely like get a good look at Rory. That's exactly what we saw in college, very similar playmaking ability, particularly from the backside with the speed that he showed in the Pittsburgh game. He's just been hurt. We need to look at that second group of linebackers and the different combinations over the next three weeks. Hopefully, they can all stay healthy because that hasn't sorted itself out yet.

(What are you expecting from the first-team offense on Saturday night?)

Score points No. 1. We want to get out there, get into a rhythm. Get our timing better. Our execution wasn't very high. We're looking at going 25 to 35 reps with the first group on offense and defense. We'll see how that plays out whether it's a quarter or two quarters. We just want to continue to grow and find that rhythm and timing that's necessary.

(Will you be flexible with the 25 to 35 plays if the offense is not scoring points?)

You want to score points. I'm not going to make my decision based on statistical production. It's based on individuals getting touches, interaction with newer players as far as experience with Brett at quarterback. Those are all the targets that we'll try to hit like we did last week at Pittsburgh.

(Do you plan to play Brandon Jackson three quarters again?)

Brandon played a lot in the first two quarters but I wanted him to get more attempts at carrying the football. That's why we left him out there as long as we did. We'll probably have a similar format for him.

(About 15-20 carries?)

15 would be great.

(Does Wynn have any chance of playing?)

We'll find out more today. He felt better today. Early indication is he won't be ready until Jacksonville. He's pushing it and trying to get back. They'll test him again tonight before the practice.

(Brandon Miree?)

He's not progressing so I don't think he'll go tonight.

(Are you getting a good look at the other fullbacks?)

Ryan's doing a good job. I thought he improved during the course of this week. I thought he did some good things in the Pittsburgh game. He's a young man that needs the reps. It looks like he's getting his legs underneath him. His weight is down. He's improved and I'd like to get him some more opportunities. Korey Hall will start the game. We'll look at the opportunities that they have in accordance with their reps.

(Are Al and Charles part of those 25 plays?)

We'll look at them in practice. We'll meet today at 4 o'clock as a staff and do a preliminary playtime. Once we get through tonight's practice, the medical report determines who will play what. How much Charles and Al will play in the 25 or 30 snaps, tonight's practice will dictate that.

(Who will get the first crack at a punt return?)

We'll decide that today.

(How far away is P.J. Pope?)

He doesn't have his full range of motion back so I would say he's a couple weeks (away).

(What have you seen from your kick returners so far?)

Bodiford has jumped out at us. I like the number of tackles Blackmon broke. We'll continue to get those guys reps and see what the other guys can do. We have more individuals in this mix this year than we did last year. That's a positive.

(Would you prefer to have one guy handle both return jobs?)

I have no preference. It's the more you can do. Nobody is going to be on this football team just to be a returner. They'll also have other attributes that contribute to winning. That always works itself out.

(Is a guy like Wynn allowed to just tough it out and say he's going to practice anyway?)

Not really because it's what the medical staff sees as far as how the muscle is firing and the strength of it. For the amount of time that he's been out, it wouldn't be smart for him to come out and get through two practices and be back where he started. We need to get him fully healthy and then make sure we give him the full dose when he is healthy in the game, whether it's Jacksonville or Tennessee. I think he's a talented young man and a good football player. He needs to get over this injury situation that's been bugging him since the spring.

(Will Corey White work at fullback at all?)

We'll look at Corey but I don't know if we'll look at him in the game because he's going to take a big chunk of that halfback work in the second half.

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