Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 20

(What is Johnny Jolly's status for Saturday?)

I definitely think Johnny has a chance to go. We're going to see if we can get him on the practice field tonight. Johnny is in a very similar spot this week as he was last week. Hopefully we'll see what happens tonight, but if everything works out tonight or tomorrow, I anticipate he'll be able to go.

(Is it not looking good for Matthews and Thompson for Saturday?)

Clay Matthews and Thompson will not go this week.

(How about B.J. Raji?)

We'll work him tonight and tomorrow. My goal is to see how he comes out of these next few practices. I fully anticipate him ready to go if everything goes good tonight and tomorrow.

(How has he done this first week?)

He's done OK. He looks like a young man that hasn't been to camp. He's rusty. He's in pretty good shape. That's why you have training camp. He needs the work of the interior play of a defensive lineman. We're trying to be smart with him and tried to find a happy medium of getting him ready to play games.

(It looked like Lumpkin was in and out of practice. How is he doing?)

He is fighting through the shoulder. He is testing. He's trying to get ready for Saturday night, but he's definitely questionable.

(What is Anthony Smith's injury?)

Anthony Smith, his groin is bothering him again today, so we held him.

(Will he go tonight?)

I don't know that.

(Who have been your best linebackers in camp?)

Well, to me the best ones are the ones that are always out there, so I can't say enough about Aaron Kampman and Brady Poppinga. They have taken every snap of training camp and they have done an outstanding job. I think the inside guys that definitely have been working, Brandon Chillar, A.J., Desmond Bishop, and Danny Lansanah has done some really good things here the last week. I thought he started off camp a little slow. I think we definitely have depth there. It's good to have Jones back here. You can see he has a live body, has some pass-rush ability. We'll just keep working those guys.

(How tough a decision is that going to be at linebacker when you have to make cuts?)

It's always a numbers game, we know that. We're weeks away from making those calls. We've got to get ready to play this game, see how they respond, and then have a short week and go out to Arizona. That's why we play the games. I'm not ready to pick the team.

(Will you be indoors again tonight?)

It's the weather, clearly on the weather. I'm definitely hopeful we'll be outside under the lights. It's a great environment obviously with the fans out there, so we'll make every attempt to go outside.

(What are you looking to clean up on Saturday night?)

We game-planned today for Buffalo, so we worked normal D&D, and third down, was our emphasis this morning. We'll put the rest of the situations in tonight. Just kind of have an idea what our guys are going to see Saturday, so that's really our focus today and tomorrow.

(Today is the last day of two-a-days. How have you felt about the work overall in camp?)

I think the quality of work has been very good. The volume, I think I've hit the right number. That's something I think every coach goes through as far as getting the volume of work and the quality of work. The extra padded practices I think definitely helped us. You've heard me talk about before the full seven-day schedule between scrimmage and games is vital, keeping your team on a smart, healthy schedule during the week. The fatigue injuries are really about the same, but I think that shows you how hard they're working even with that Wednesday day of rest and recovery. I think that's where we are.

(Going into your fourth season, how much easier is it for you to evaluate and kind of project what's going to happen at the beginning of the season?)

I would say from my position, the days and the weeks, they flow better because you've been through it. I think it definitely falls under the category of experience, but every year is different. Your team is different as far as personnel, your health situation is a moving target. Where do you think you are as a football team is something you're always pushing to a higher level, so those things are always a challenge. That's really part of the business we all look forward to, but it definitely flows better. We're at home, we're in front of our own fans, our facilities are phenomenal, so it's the best situation in sports in my opinion.

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