Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 9

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(What happened to Herron on that play?)

I actually didn't see it. I was talking to the quarterback about the look we had on the play. My understanding is that the DB was reaching in to get the ball and caught him in the throat. He's going to be fine.

(Were you hoping Wynn would practice today?)

I was hopeful he'd go today. We'll see what happens tonight. His quad strain is a little more than anticipated. If he can't go tonight then we still have 48 hours to get him ready for Saturday.

(Is this a setback for him?)

I'll say this, you can't make the football team by not being on the field. Availability and accountability are the building blocks of our organization. We have a number of guys that are nicked up and not going. We'll go with the ones that are there. I've never gotten bent out of shape over injuries. They're a part of the game. It also tells you a lot about your football team. You want people you can count on over the course of a long football season. It doesn't help when they're not out there.

(What do you think of the progress, and opportunity, for Corey White?)

Corey had a really good day. He had a couple nice runs. He'll get a significant amount of playing time on Saturday. I'm excited to see him run.

(How do you handle guys like Al and Charles as far as playing time?)

We'll discuss playing time with the coaches at four o'clock. Initially going into it, I'm looking at 12 to 15 plays with the first group. We'll see how it plays with the second group. The third group will finish up the fourth quarter. That's the general outline that we're looking at. Then we'll get into specifics as far as guys like Charles and Al. They might not go the full 15. We'll talk about that today at four o'clock.

(Is it a different scenario with Rodgers, and how do you balance that with Brett?)

You have to find a common ground. You want Brett playing with James Jones and some of the newer guys. But also make sure that Aaron has a chance to play with that first group. It always looks good on paper. We'll see how it plays out on Saturday night.

(Is your approach to preseason games different in Year 2 than Year 1?)

My philosophy hasn't changed. We do want to go out and win the football game while accomplishing some other things. I think it's important that everybody plays in this game. Everybody's available to play in this game. Particularly, we need to see a bunch of different combinations of players on special teams. I just want to get as much information as we can on these individuals because we have a bunch of positions that these four games will sort out, particularly on special teams.

(Is Miree's Achilles bothering him again?)

Actually he's got a stinger now. We'll see if he can go tonight. Tony Moll is in the same category.

(Is Hall ready to play extensively?)

He's ready. He's a Green Bay Packer. It's the Packers vs. the Steelers. Here we go. I'm not worried about that. We're young. I've said it for the rest of the year. We're young. We're fired up and ready to go. That doesn't concern me.

(What do you think of your backup linebackers?)

It's tough, Bishop has really jumped out at camp. Abdul is getting his legs back underneath him. I really like that group. Goodwell is doing a nice job. You have to be excited about Spencer Havner, the flexibility he shows, especially playing all three positions. Not to be redundant but the special teams work that they'll get will be very important as far as their ability to make this football team.

(Hodge was popular last year until he got hurt, are you seeing progress?)

I think he's done a very good job in the offseason, particularly from a mental standpoint. He's a very bright guy. He has a complete understanding of what we're doing, the base and the sub packages. I thought he did a nice job. He went out to Arizona after the OTAs and concentrated on his legs. He looks to be getting through the training camp part of it. I look to him to pick up where he left off last year.

{sportsad300}(What will your relationship and communication with Joe Philbin be like during the game?)

I'm not really concerned about it. I know that it's different from last year but Joe was a part of the communication network last year being the line coach. He was right in the middle of that last year. We did it on Family Night with Joe being upstairs and Tom being downstairs. I thought Tom was very good upstairs, one of the better guys I've worked with in that capacity. I thought Joe did a very good job too. The network is all the same. The locations are a little different. Their specific job responsibility and what's being communicated is different. We won't miss anything. I don't see that being a problem at all.

(Are you going to turn over any play-calling to him?)

I would like to. I guess I'm young still, but I was a young coach once. I think it's important to give your coaching staff an opportunity to grow. If there are segments in the preseason that I can give Joe an opportunity to call plays, I will. I'll play that by ear.

(Will the kickers know ahead of time the plan for the game?)

You're talking about the rotation for the games? Yeah, they'll know ahead of time. It's no different if we only had one kicker. They have to be ready to go. We're not asking them to do anything that they won't be asked to do in the future.

(Has Brett been lobbying you to play a lot, and are you reluctant to do that?)

He's not lobbying about it. He knows how I feel about the amount of football that he needs to play. You want to go out and execute when he is in there. The scenario with him is a little bit different because it's not really him that needs to play. It's him playing with the people that he's playing with. It's finding a common ground there. We have some snap totals in mind. Hopefully we can reach those targets.

(How do you feel about the depth at running back?)

I'd like to have more. I can't control the injury part of it. It's a part of the game. You talk about accountability and availability. Availability is a huge factor in individuals making your football team. It's a long year. Some younger players take a while to understand that. We don't have a while. We have four weeks to get ready for the season. I really don't worry about it. I worry about those three guys and them not getting too many carries at this point.

(Are you considering bringing someone else in?)

I talked to Ted this morning. Player acquisition is a daily conversation. You're always looking around the league. We have a depth chart of all the players out there. It's a daily conversation. The fact that we'll bring somebody in, we won't bring anybody in before Sunday I can tell you that. We have some injuries. Guys need to get past them and we need to find out about this group of guys that we have.

(When's the last time you were in Pittsburgh?)

This was the first summer I didn't go back, so last summer.

(Is this a pure business trip or will there be some time with family?)

My parents' home is so close to downtown Pittsburgh. I'm actually going to shoot over there for a couple of hours and have some dinner with my family. But it's business.

(Is your dad's bar still there?)

It's still there. Be careful if you go down there.

(What's it called?)

They changed the name of it. I forget what they call it now. I should know that. It's on Acorn Street.

(So it's not my kind of place?)

I wouldn't wear green and gold in there. No, it's a good place. But if they don't know you they're going to ask. They're not shy. I'll just say that.

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